4 Great Wedding Resources Online

posted on: January 15, 2007

Even though I'm no longer a bride, I still keep my eyes and ears open for great wedding resources to help my brides out. There are some awesome online tools out there that I only wish were available when we were in the midst of wedding planning!! Here are some of my personal favorites:

Wedding websites are a great way to keep your guests, family, and wedding party up to date on your wedding plans, and to fill everyone in on the FAQ of how you met, your engagement, honeymoon plans, etc. There are a lot of options for you to host a wedding website, and many of them are tied to a wedding planning website, but they all end up looking the same and they are often searchable by anyone who knows your name and wants to learn your wedding details. Great for family- bad for your fiancé's jealous exgirlfriend. The really awesome thing about eWedding.com is that not only do you get a website that looks different and is fun to update, but you can have your very own, easy-to-remember URL. No more asking people to type in a long address that they couldn't remember if you didn't send it to them in an email, just a short and concise link for your wedding guests. I was first introduced to eWeddings by Megan, who created an awesome site for her wedding, called Sweetness Follows. She's even continued to update it after the wedding with pictures and extra links, which is also a great way to let your friends and family know your new address if/when you move after the wedding!

Wedding Mapper
I would have looooooooved to have a tool like this when I was planning our wedding! We had lots of out-of-town guests and our hotel, rehearsal dinner, ceremony site, cocktail site, and reception site were all over the city! WeddingMapper.com is awesome because it allows you to add photos, icons, and descriptions about each location, and it uses google maps and satallite images of the city! How awesome is that?! The best part? It's free. I still can't believe it's free. You can add your own attraction and entertainment listings, favorite restaurants, and airports. It's printable, it's emailable, and there's even an alternative view that prints out like a mini program! Seriously, if you haven't seen this site, you need to check it out! See how one couple is using it for their wedding.

Nashville Wraps
Whatever your needs are for gift giving and gift packaging, do yourself a favor and check out NashvilleWraps.com before going anywhere else. Not only do they have an awesome selection of bags, boxes, stickers, and pouches, but the prices are VERY reasonable and some orders can be placed in small quantities. If you're really into personalization, they can do that as well, and you're sure to find beautiful, fun, and fashionable colors with lots of different packaging options (including houndstooth and leopard print!!) Seeing some of these boxes makes me want to buy things just to put in the boxes to give to people!!! Of course you could also decide to put nothing in them and instead use them for something totally different, like making a card box! They even have my signature chartreuse green - do you know how hard it is to find that as a standard option?!

Wedding Podcast Network
Wow, talk about wedding planning resources! The WeddingPodcastNetwork.com is dedicated to adding regular blog and podcast content on various wedding topics. The website is broken up into several different content areas:
Newlywedcast interviews couples who were recently married, and shares their love stories and wedding experiences. Meet the Masters interviews prominent wedding industry professionals like Darcy Miller, Editor of Martha Stewart Weddings; and Preston Bailey, Famous Floral Designer. There are many more podcast topics on the site including relationship advice, and workout tips. Why not make your own wedding podcast!?

Do you have any great resources you'd like to share?? Is there a wedding website that every bride should know about?? If so, leave a comment about it!! I'm always looking for more!

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  1. OMG you are teh awesome. The wedding mapper is the most amazingly useful thing I have ever seen, thanks so much! Especially since like 75% of our guests are out of town!

  2. Anne...you're the best! Both JD and I have been scouring your blog for a while and you're so BOMB! I may just have to 'borrow' your idea about these wedding resources :)
    Oh, and your latest e-session rocked!


  3. Jasmine - you rock!! How in the world did you get to be so incredibly beautiful AND an amazing person?? That just doesn't come around often!

  4. Jessica!!! I'm so glad you love it!!! I was totally hoping that it would help brides like you!! It's hard enough to keep track of out of town guests, let alone helping them find things to do and keeping them from getting lost!


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