Beth & Troy's Wedding

posted on: December 4, 2006

How do I get so lucky to photograph such awesome people?! Beth & Troy went to great lengths to make sure every one of their guests had a great time and were taken care of! Beth is definitely one of the most thoughtful brides I've ever had. I was so surprised when she gave me a thank you gift after the rehearsal! I never get gifts! That was totally unexpected and she completely caught me off guard. Can you thank someone for a thank you gift?! Thank you Beth! Then, on the night of the wedding I was scheduled to stay until 11:30, so when she came up to me at 10:30 and said, "thanks for everything, you've worked so hard and taken so many great shots I don't think you need to stay any longer" I shocked yet again!! That's NEVER happened! If anything I'm asked to stay just a little longer, or just until such and such happens, 12 hours, 14 hours... more, more, more! I seriously couldn't believe it and I'm not sure if I ever thanked you enough Beth, but I really appreciated all of your thoughtfulness. It's easy to see why you have so many friends and why everyone is so happy for both of you!!

To make things easier on her bridesmaids and family, most of the bridal party came to the hotel where hair and makeup girls were taking care of everyone there. It was such a great way to keep everyone organized, but it sure was crowded!! She even thought to have sandwiches and snacks so no one would go hungry or pass out during the ceremony!!

(excuse the old experimental logo on this one)

The guys room was much more relaxed and less hectic. Their refreshemnts were of the pilsner variety! Check out Troy's ring box - isn't that a work of art in itself? Maybe Beth or Troy can tell us where they got it!

Beth & Troy were married at The People's Church in East Lansing, MI which had a great library with lots of natural light for the bridal party to get ready in. There were also some cleverly placed books to consider before making that trip down the aisle. Notice: no children were harmed in the making of these photographs!

MSU was a big part of their wedding day, including a reception at the MSU Union. They started off by renting the Spartan Cab Bus to drive around campus after the ceremony so that they could get the obligatory fan-favorite picture in front of Sparty!! It was sooo hot that day and even though the bus driver said it had air conditioning, I don't think anyone could feel it! Beth & Troy thought ahead and made sure their wedding party had plenty of drinks to keep them cool!!

I just loved all of the bright colored gerber daisey centerpieces, bouquets, and accents! They all went so well with the FANTASTIC candy bar that was a huge hit with the guests!! I really loved the variety of glass jars, vases, urns, fishbowls, and oversized martini glasses that they used!!

Dancing, dancing, dancing!!! Dancing machine!! I just looooooooove this picture of Beth!!! Doesn't she look like a SUPA-STAR!?

Awwwww! He's so happy when he's with his mommy!

.... but later look who I found sneaking candy with the flower girl under the head table!!

Remember what dancing was like in Junior High?!

It definitely wasn't like this!!

I had sooo many great shots of guests dancing, but you'll have to click on an image and watch the slideshow to see them all!! There's no way I could fit them all on my blog! Beth & Troy that you soooo much for letting me join you on your wedding day!! I had so much fun and I think the pictures show that everyone else did too!!

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  1. How fun Anne!!

    I love the ring box...sooooo cool! The wedding had such fun bright colors. Great job on capturing it! I also loved all that candy as favors. Cute idea and a nice pictures.


  2. Jamie3:37 PM

    I really like that b/w shot of the kids on the bench by the window, they're all there but so different. It's very cool

  3. Great stuff Anne!

  4. Hi Katie!!
    You know, the candy and bright colored gerbers had a huge impact on how I processed these photos! I tried to keep with the high contrast and bold colors in my processing as well.

    Jamie - I love that shot of the kids! I think I posted more kid pics here than I ever have- but they were all so expressive!

    Thanks Matt!

  5. Anonymous3:38 PM

    Troy got his ring/box online: . The box was an extra with his ring, I don't know if they sell it separately.

  6. Thanks Beth!! I had a few people ask me about it ;-)


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