posted on: December 5, 2006

Etsy is the coolest online store for handmade gifts. It's a haven for starving artists and a really cool place for people who love to buy handmade things and support independent artists. It's like Google meets Flickr meets Ebay meets Art Fair. ;-)

What makes it ultra cool is that they have so many neat search features! For example, if you're planning to decorate a room in your house with reds and pinks, you can shop by color to find all things red and pink! If you want to do your bathroom in squids and octopuses, you can search by keyword. You can also look into other people's Treasures, which is like a collection of favorites or themes. You can be totally random and look at things from the Sampler, or you can even find a seller who's somewhere in your area with the Geolocator! Seriously, this is one fabulous site!!

If you can't decide what to give that special person who has everything, look for something completely fun and original on Etsy! I guarantee you'll be able to find a one-of-a-kind item!! CLICK HERE to shop Etsy! My fine art work isn't on there yet, but when I have time to sort though my pieces, I'll be sure to put them there!!

Here are a few things I found on Etsy that I wouldn't mind receiving for Christmas (HINT TO HUSBAND!)...

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  1. I love it!!!!!! Oh my goodness, this makes me happy. :) What a great site to forward to the husband for stocking stuffer ideas! :D

  2. I love Etsy too! The necklaces my sisters, Matron of Honor, Kim, and my Mom wore were from an Etsy artistan! :)

    And, damn! Those buttons are sold out! I MUST HAVE one of them!! ;)

  3. I know!!! Both of the items have disappeared, and my husband didn't even see the post first!

    Note to self: Don't post favorite Etsy items on blog!


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