Heidi & Tony Engagement

posted on: December 8, 2006

It always amazes me when a couple stays together after dating in high school and going separate ways afterward. There are so many things that can test a relationship in college, so it takes a very special relationship to endure through that. Heidi & Tony are just that couple and while oddly matched in height at six foot something and five foot nothing, they are a great compliment to each other's personalities. (As a side note: I have non-blurry versions of the picture above, but I loved their expression in this one the most - so genuine and happy.)

Heidi & Tony wanted pictures in their hometown of Shelbyville, IN. They knew someone who was gracious enough to let us use their beeeeeeeautiful property with all kinds of great things to use as backgrounds!! I think the property looked even nicer than the city park I saw on the way into town! They even had a rope for swinging into their own pond!

Tony played ball in high school, so Heidi wanted to make sure we incorporated one of Tony's favorite things into our engagement session! How sweet! I've never tried sports photography before, so I was all for it!! Of course, Heidi didn't have a second pair of shoes on hand, so she played in her heeled boots!! Even with that handicap, I think she still outscored Tony! Maybe he was distracted. ;-)

This was such a gorgeous and romantic setting!! I'm so glad Heidi got permission to shoot here!!

Thank you for a great shoot Heidi & Tony!!! I'm really looking forward to your wedding at the Winery!!

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  1. Those b&w's are brilliant. Is that done in "b&w" mode on the digital or scans from film?

  2. Thanks Jeff! All images above were captured in RAW and processed in ACR right out of Bridge. ;-) The only PS work applied was sharpening and logo.

  3. Ahhhhhh! That tree reflection one is LOVELY! I also love the basketball one with the shallow DOF...it took a second look to see the ring...you are so clever!


  4. Anonymous12:32 PM

    You are always such an inspiration, and this set is no exception. The ring shot - wonderful....


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