Tracy & Jeff Engagement

posted on: October 21, 2006

Don't you just love how Tracy's hair has that windblown look in this picture? I had to wave my arms really fast to make that happen!! HA! Just kidding... it was perfectly lucky timing. :-) Tracy & Jeff are so cute! They were very nervous about the whole "getting their picture taken" experience, as many people are. I usually start the shoot off with just seeing how the couple naturally responds to me and each other, and then make adjustments along the way if they need more direction or less direction. So, I really appreciated Tracy asking me to give her & Jeff more direction when they felt like they needed it. I completely admit that it's hard to be "natural" when you know someone is always looking at you! However, I also have to admit that sometimes being nervous brings out the giggles... and the giggles are really cute on camera!

Tracy & Jeff scoped out this really cool place called Kerrytown in Ann Arbor, MI. My husband (a UofM alum) tells me as I write this, that Kerrytown is actually the oldest neighborhood in Ann Arbor, which explains the really cool brick streets and outdoor marketplace. Tracy & I had to really resist the urge to shop!

I love using different elements as a way of drawing focus to the subject...

... or just keeping it simple...

After Kerrytown, we looked for a park with some interesting elements and I wish I could remember the name of this park because it was perfect!! I'm actually pretty terrified of railroad tracks, but I think they are awesome locations for pictures so I get over my fear to get a great image. What makes railroad tracks so cool is that they create a forced perspective, with well-defined leading lines.

When I saw this scene, I don't think it could have been anymore perfect! The perfect lighting, the Monet-esque lily pads and rippling water, and an absolutely adorable couple!!!

Afterward Tracy & Jeff were so kind to take me out to dinner!! I had a long drive home and it was so nice to take the time to enjoy their company and eat something that didn't come out of a drive-thru window! Thank you Tracy & Jeff!!!

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  1. Dan Almasy12:23 AM

    Hi there!

    You have some really, really nice stuff up on your blog!

    This Tracy & Jeff shoot is one of the best engagement sets I've seen in a while because it feels really "real". I tend to see a lot of engagement shots lately that are impossibly lit, and doctored in Photoshop, but I think your work has some real integrity. Great shots.

    Thanks for the comment on our Blog, and sorry it's taken so long for us to throw one back to you. Hope all is well, take care!

  2. Hey Dan!

    It's nice to hear from another photographer who shares similar feelings about creating work that is true to life. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. The B&W shots really make you LOOK at the picture instead of subject. For example, I don't think color could have picked out the subtle tones of his jeans. Magnificent!!

  4. beautiful! as an urban kinda gal, i just love the 1st & 7th ones...they are so beautiful but, like dan said, "real". awesome work as always!!

  5. Anne - I was going to ask about the seeming Monet/Impressionist look of that last shot in this set when I saw it on Flickr. Too funny. Gorgeous stuff and yes, Kerrytown is AWESOME! We love it there. It's a great part of town to explore... I didn't know it was the oldest neighborhood, however. Thank Alex for the education :)

  6. Great shots! I especially like the train tracks shot. I just pray that none of my clients come asking to portraits with their pet snake. I will flip ;)

  7. Jeff, very interesting thought... as long as it doesn't draw away from the subject too much!! B&Ws can be a tricky thing in the photo-world, so I'm glad you like it!

    Thank you Jillian!!

    Megan, I really wish I remembered the name of the park... I'd love to see you make a drawing of this same spot!!

    Beth... a pet snake?? That would definitely be tricky!

  8. Anne,

    You are really amazing. I'm so impressed with the way you are always taking your art to the next level. Your latest work with lighting is just incredible!!!

  9. Davina! I'm so flattered!! Now you've made me blush. :)))


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