On the road again...

posted on: October 26, 2006

(picture taken with the itty bit camera inside my computer)

I have a full weekend while I'm away! First I have the 6.5 hour drive to Michigan and a wedding rehearsal as soon as I get into town (Detroit is going to be CRAZY busy with the World Series in town - regardless of rain!!!) Friday I'll be shooting the wedding at some really awesome locations! Saturday and Sunday I'm hoping for weather that's just decent enough for the three engagement sessions I have scheduled while I'm in Michigan!! Then, I'll be driving back Monday and completely crashing Monday night. WOOHOO!!

It looks like there will be rain while I'm on the road, so please keep me in your thoughts as I travel! I'm a scardy-cat when it comes to driving in the rain! Also, if you need to get in touch with me while I'm away - phone will be the best way (even though I won't answer while I'm shooting, I'll call you back ASAP.)

(I think this image will automatically update with the most current doppler image!)

Don't forget Daylight Savings Ends on SUNDAY!

Make sure you set your clocks BACK an hour and get some extra sleep!

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  1. I do believe it is! Woah. Safe journeys as you head up our way :)

    I wish one of these times we could grab a bite, or something. I know you're super busy, though.

    Annnnd... we'll be in Indiana this weekend. Doh! ;)


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