Nicole & Garfield Engagement

posted on: October 11, 2006

Are you ready to see a bunch of images?? I can't believe how many I took!! Nicole & Garfield had so much personality, I could barely contain myself from laughing the whole time we were shooting. I can only imagine what a blast their wedding day will be! They chose downtown Indy, specifically the monuments, for the backdrop of their images. I think we included almost all of the major monuments available downtown! However, a little birdie has mentioned that there may be a smack down on shooting around the monuments downtown. How crazy is that? Do you know how many tourists are there every weekend shooting their hearts out? I didn't run into any problems though, so I'll have to see if anyone else has problems before I assume we can't shoot there at all. On with the images! (Also, don't hate me, but due to space constraints I won't be posting slideshows for the engagements anymore, but I'll still post them for the weddings!!!)

Check out this killer ring! Nice!

More you say?? OK!!

Oh, this was awesome... we walked by a few jugglers in the park, and I asked Nicole & Garfield if they'd ever been in a juggling act before. Neither of them had, so I asked the jugglers if they would like a few people to practice on! I'm so glad I could be there to capture one of their firsts as a couple! (he, he, he) Do you know how hard it is to catch a good juggling picture?? Thank goodness for a camera with 6 frames per second!!

Nicole wanted to play up their team rivalry, so they slipped on some team t-shirts to represent!

This is where Garfield's cheesy side really started to shine. This is a proud member of our military! Too bad we didn't have any wind that day... they are both looking at the Marine's flag.

Nicole really wanted some fall pictures, however at the time there were only a few fallen leaves in the one small pathway. So... I made the most of the little collection on the walkway with the use of a nice wide angle lens and low perspective.

Congratulations Nicole & Garfield.. I can't wait to photograph your wedding!!

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