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posted on: October 5, 2006

I'm pretty sure I have a lot of readers who just visit my blog and not my website anymore... and who could blame you? I cringed every time I looked at it, and I've wanted to change it FOREVER!!! Websites are supposed to be the first impression for potential clients and I can only imagine what people thought when they first saw it - I was actually embarrassed when other photographers would refer clients to my website to see my work! I know what I think of crappy websites when I first see them, and often times it's really hard to see how amazing pictures are when there's an ugly design getting in the way! With the same token, a really great web design can give off an amazing first impression and make an average photographer, look pretty spectacular.

First I was waiting on a friend who was going to help me out with a new site design in exchange for sharing my mad photography skillz, but he has since disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. After waiting so long with an anti-climactic outcome, I went to purchase a new website from a flash designer, but after several calls and emails, I was never called back. So, here I am fed up with my "ghetto website" (as my brother-in-law called it) and too impatient to wait for another designer, so I decided to attempt my own design. What you see above, and now on is what I was able to whip together with zero dollars and not much time to spare. Yay for iWeb and .Mac! Finally I don't feel incredibly ashamed to send people to my website!! I still have plans for a bigger and better site, but I may keep this little baby as an html backup site. In any case, please leave a comment and let me know what you think!! Is it fugly? Is it cool? Does function and look good in your browser?! Oh yeah... and while you're at it... what do you think of the new branding?

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  2. *phew* If BOBBI is happy with it, than it must be OK!

  3. New page looks GREAT! Can wait to see my photos! One of my groomsmen at the wedding is a Web Guru if you need assistance - -

    Thanks again Ann!


  4. Allo cousin. Two things I notice were this: The "white" background on the 'Home' and 'About' sections are actually a 'gray'. In contrast, the 'Weddings' and 'Portrait' sections are true "web white". Also, I think the 'Blog' link should rollover like the other menu links, even if it is a link to your exterior blogger-based blog.

    Other than those things, nice. Definitely an improvement. *gives a thumbs up* I'm personally a fan of diy. It means it gets done. ^___^

  5. Thanks for the link Dena!!

    Joel, I think I fixed the gray/white problem, but I may need your help fixing the rollover problem!

  6. LOL bah, deleted my comment by accident. Anywho. The colors are now all web white.

    The rollover thing I could possibly help you fix, it seems like the code is doing something within my mental grasp. hahahaha.

    You using a mac program for this? Looks like the program is making redundant files, ie four folders with duplicate files that could be simplified to one. LOL it also seems like it's doing some needlessly complex things. hahaha! Gotta love programs hahaha, always doing something silly. Sorry nerdy observations. XD! It doesn't affect the browsing experience on broadband, but it probably makes a difference on narrowband. Though considering the size it's most likely nevermind! xD! It'd make things easier from an editing aspect if it was centralized to one folder and one set of files though.

    ANYWHO, if you need help fixing it like I said I can probably help.

  7. I love the green and it's very easy to navigate. So, thumbs up from me :)

  8. I love color green so thumbs up! We are hoping to also use green for our new portrait site soon. I also love the simplicity of your branding. Awesome pictures.

    Congrats Anne :)

  9. Thanks Joy!! I can't wait to see your new portrait site!!


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