Heather & Martin's Wedding

posted on: October 4, 2006

Heather & Martin are such a fun couple!! They aren't afraid to show their emotions, and they love to let loose and have a great time! Now that I've photographed three weddings that they've appeared in, I'm really starting to feel like part of the family!

Heather had her makeup done at Todd's Room in Birmingham, MI which is part make-up and jewelry boutique, part beauty salon. If you're getting married in the area and are looking for a great place to get your make-up done, I would highly recommend them to anyone! Heather is just so naturally beautiful... look at her amazing skin!

I apologize in advance for the excessive pictures of their daughter Natalie, but she's such an irresistible cutie pie and I really tempered myself when she was the flower girl in Katie & Rick's wedding, so this was my chance to take all the Natalie pictures I wanted!! Here's a typical Natalie moment- playing with mom's veil, while mom is trying to do her hair...

I wish these beautiful songbirds would cut a record. Their sound reminds me of one of my favorite Michigan folk groups, The Chenille Sisters. Whenever they sing, people can't help but get teary eyed.

Heather & Martin were married outdoors on a perfect day in the quaint Mill Race Historical Village in Northville, MI. It's rare that I get a chance to get really close during the ceremony because I try to be as unobtrusive as possible, but when I can get in close enough to grab great shots like these, it's totally worth it! I loved the prayer circle that the parents did during the ceremony, it was a unique and intimate way to bless the marriage. Then, instead of giving an offering to the Virgin Mary as is traditional in some catholic ceremonies, they gave an offering to mother earth.

Look at Heather's dad clear those bushes! Whoa daddy! ;-)

Heather & Martin received an official military greeting to their reception by Martin's fellow Marines. Each set of swords they passed through, they had to stop and kiss before they could move on. At the very end of the tunnel Heather received a surprise send-off and from what she said, it did NOT feel good! You'll have to watch the slideshow to see what happened!


Here's a little lesson in what goes around....

comes around... (great expression Martin!)

Congratulations Heather & Martin!! I feel so lucky that I was able to share so many special moments with you!! Please, please, please, please let me know when you want to do some new baby pictures!! Click on any image to view a slideshow preview of their wedding day.

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  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    anne--I will miss the slide shows. You have some very cute and great shots of children. Keep up the great shots. Love, Aunt Renee

  2. Don't be sad!!! I'll still have them for the weddings!!


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