Rochelle & Alex Engagement

posted on: September 1, 2006

Rochelle is from Jamaica, Alex is from Michigan, and somehow they ended up in Texas. So, we met in Detroit for their engagement session, which makes complete sense- right? They were in Detroit visiting family and taking care of some wedding planning and I was back in town for a wedding, so it all worked out. I was sad when Alex & Rochelle had to leave for a family BBQ in Alex's honor after our engagement session, I could have hung out with them all night (and probably had some really good BBQ too!) It also would have been a lot of fun to see Rochelle all dressed up for the Caribbean Festival the day before! From what Rochelle tells me, there will be plenty of Jamaican style and flavors incorporated into their wedding - I can't wait! Aren't they adorable?

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  1. Jennie O'Connor12:14 PM

    No slide show? :-(


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