Faye & Brian Engagement

posted on: September 3, 2006

While I was in Chicago, I made a special trip to Navy Pier to meet Faye & Brian for their engagement session. Thank goodness for cell phones because even though we said we would meet in front of the Ferris Wheel, it was still impossible to find each other without our phones! Going into this, I knew what a tourist destination Navy Pier was, but I was still surprised with how crowded it was on a Wednesday night. Nothing really special going on, except their usual fireworks display later that evening. I loved the carnival-like atmosphere and thankfully all of the pier lights allowed me to continue shooting well after the sun had gone down without resorting to direct flash, and without attracting too much attention with a ton of gear. I LOVE the challenges of shooting in different locations, it really pushes me to be on top of my technique!

Faye & Brian did such an excellent job of relaxing with sooooo many people around. It can be tough to be really relaxed and focused on each other when there are a million people, or maybe even just two people walking by, but it's so worth it because of the amazing locations and scenes that you just can't get from shooting inside a studio. Like, that's the REAL Chicago skyline, not a backdrop, and that's a REAL Carousel, not just a prop.... and the fireworks... hello?! How many peole get fireworks in their engagement pictures?! (And how many photographers would even want to continue shooting after dark?) I have so many favorites from this session, here are just a few...

(I'll attach the slideshows once our internet thing gets worked out, so check back in a few days when the slideshow link will be added!)

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  1. Jennie9:41 PM

    This is by far one of my favorite engaement sessions. I love how fun the shots are. The colors are amazing. This is the first shoot where I've actually been envious of the location for enagement pics. I love the merry go round and fireworks pics.


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