Jen & Chuck's Wedding

posted on: July 21, 2006

When I first met Jen & Chuck, I could feel a passion and connection between them that went far beyond anything words can describe. Their love and appreciation for life, family, and each other is truly inspirational, and I think that everyone could feel that love on their wedding day.

This is one of my favorite pictures... I almost didn't recognize that the picture on the wall was a picture of Jen! I love how it captures her as a teenager, and then now as a woman getting ready for marriage...

I love it when I can capture candid images like the one below. It looks and almost feels as if it was posed, but in reality Jen was just looking down at her dress... isn't she stunning?

The church, Historic Trinity Lutheran, in downtown Detroit, was absolutely gorgeous. There were so many beautiful details that I could go back and do an entire artistic study in just the Sanctuary alone! But what made the church even more beautiful was that Chuck's family had been attending the church for a few generations and yet he was the first one to be married in the church. When I finally found Chuck locked away in a small conference room in the basement, he was reading none other than the "good book", which he said gave him a sense of peace and helped him stay calm...

This little girl was absolutely adorable and made the cutest faces all day long...

Isn't that altar amazing? I think someone mentioned that parts of it are from the Notre Dame in Paris! Such a beautiful backdrop for a first kiss as husband and wife.

Their reception site, the Indianwood Golf & Country Club, was just as historic and beautiful as the church...

We even had a very short opportunity before the reception officially started to take advantage of some of the beautiful scenery outdoors...

... and then it started raining again...

.. but no one cared when they were inside, because they were stylin' in their awesome sunglasses...

Jen & Chuck set the tone for their guests by letting go and partying all night long on the dancefloor. But I also have to give huge props to their DJs, Music Box Productions, who were the best DJs I've EVER heard at a wedding. Sherman was a fabulous emcee and I'm so sorry that I don't remember the name of the person with him.. but seriously.. if you want to have a real party.. these guys are the best. They actually did live mixing, which unfortunately a lot of wedding DJs don't do, and they were soooo good, sooo flawless with their mixing that they were able to keep an improptu limbo line going for at least 20 minutes! I've heard a LOT of DJs.. and I don't think I've met one yet that can hold a candle to these guys. FABULOUS choice, Jen & Chuck! Click on any image to view more previews of their wedding day.

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  1. Jennie12:18 PM

    I love the picture with the rain, it is so beautiful. The blurred dancing picture is cool too. Every wedding gets more amazing. Keep up the great work.

  2. Dear Anne,
    My name is Andrea Owens from Music Box Productions, and I have just recieved an e-mail containing your blog from Jen and Chuck Poljanac's wedding...On behalf of myself and the rest of the staff here at Music Box, let me begin by saying wow, your photographs are positively breathtaking. You have captured their day so very beautifully! Furthermore, upon reading your comments (sent to us by Jen :)) we could not be more appreciative of your kind words of praise regarding our company and especially Sherman and Al. To be so highly reccommended by such a talented member of the wedding industry is a compliment of the highest caliber. I am forwarding your blog to Sherman and every member of the Music Box have truly brightened our day. If you could, please send us as much information as you can about your business, (cards, etc.) so that we can add you and your beautiful work to our referral list. Thanks again, Anne, and keep up the good work!
    Andrea Owens, and the rest of the Music Box Productions staff!

  3. I HAVE to agree with you!!!! That shot of her as a teenager in the foreground and then as a bride... WHO THINKS OF THAT?! Oh, I know... Anne Ruthmann! Great work, AS ALWAYS!



    PS. Sorry about the deleted post... I had a typo.

  4. Great shots, classy. All to often I see photographers using those high contrast/saturation actions that are so popular right now. I like the tones and level of saturation in these images.

    #3 is the shot, great layering and information.


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