Gwen & Chad's Wedding

posted on: June 28, 2006

I love it when a couple is just so comfortable and relaxed with each other, which I really felt with Gwen & Chad. It was obvious from the reactions of friends and family that everyone was so happy for them. They were married at the too-cute-for-words Stone Angel Wedding Chapel in Davison, MI. The weather couldn't have been any more amazing! It was the perfect day with trees in full bloom and a beautiful blue sky as a backdrop. Gwen wore a fabulous pink gown with tons of great texture and even hints of roses sewn in! I must have taken at least a hundred pictures that highlighted different details of the dress! The flowers were bright and colorful, which really set the tone for spring and fun. ;-)

Their luxury party bus was filled with drinks and snacks for the bridal party to enjoy on the way to the reception, held at Woodfield Country Club in Grand Blanc, MI. Gwen also had the cutest favors for her female guests... SOCKS! Sure enough, they were all gone by the end of the night, and there were quite a few feet in socks on the dance floor. It was obvious that Gwen & Chad really wanted their guests to have a great time and feel comfortable. I know this is one couple that will be happy together for many years to come. ;-) Congratulations Gwen & Chad!! CLICK HERE or anywhere on the collage to view a slideshow preview of their wedding day.

PS. What do you think of the collage? Do more, or go back to single photos? I definitely posted different photos than I normally do (more "safe" images and less "artsy") because the collage seems to serve a different purpose.

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  1. Jennie9:24 AM

    I prefer the single photo format. The images seem to get lost among themselves when they are together in a collage. I feel like I spend more time looking at and appreciating the images if they are seperated I like the artsy photographs better too. I always look forward to seeing images that take my breath away when you post a new event. This event turned out nice.

  2. Thanks Jennie! It also seems to take a lot longer to load... does anyone else find that to be true? I like the overall view of the day, but at the same time, they do all get jumbled together.

  3. Aunt Renee9:42 AM

    anne---I thought the collage was neat and different. I guess it just depends on the eye of the beholder. You do a great job on both ...I love the collage. But then I am just an observer. You truly have a special gift.

  4. Aunt Renee9:55 AM

    anne---in the slide show of Gwen and Chad's wedding, the photo that was captured in the mirror's reflection...I only realized it was a reflection the second time through. Pretty neat!

  5. Danielle Smith2:05 PM

    I actually like the collage format better!! It gives you a picture of the entire day. Also, is perfect for someone who just wants a quick view of the type of photos you take without viewing the entire slideshow.

  6. Jennie4:08 PM

    Good point Danielle. I'm on Anne's site all the time so my purpose might be different than other people's. What about mixing some collages and some slideshows to give potential clients and loyal followers of your photography opportunities to see both styles? Just a thought. I'll stay glued to the site either way. :-)

  7. Thanks ladies!! I still plan on keeping the slideshows, so it's really just a matter of single photos vs. one big collage in the blog. In any case.. I'm just so excited that you're giving your feedback! ;-)

  8. aunt Renee2:03 PM

    anne---I have noticed the pics of children and the candid shots that you get. Maybe you will put them all in a book to publish someday? I loved the shot of the boy dancing. I love your site and your work...keep it up. It is very special and I feel like I keep in touch with you in a round about way.


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