Abundant Life Retreat - Bear Mountain, New York

posted on: March 8, 2018

Abundant Life Retreat - Bear Mountain - April 13-15, 2018

As life gets fuller of responsibilities and giving to others, it gets harder to make more time for self-care and wellness unless we really make it a priority and carve out the time in our life.  The worst years for me were the ones where I was giving all of my energy to others and never fully recharging my own batteries.  I felt like I was always running behind, always ragged and pulling at seams, never feeling caught-up or peaceful inside myself let alone with anyone else.  Once I finally learned how to reclaim some of my energy for myself in small regular ways, everything else in my world started to get better.  My relationships got better, my workload got better, my health got better, and life just started to feel way easier than it ever had before.

It still amazes me how just investing a little time into my own energetic self-care each day shifted my entire world into a more positive, loving, and abundant place.  I'm not even talking about going to the gym, or doing yoga, or eating healthy, or any of those other good healthy habits - just 15 minutes of dedicated energetic self-care each day turned my entire day around even when I couldn't do any of the other healthy things I wanted to do.  It was so simple, so easy, and yet so profound.

Before becoming a reiki master, I studied a lot of energy healing and self-care modalities just to help me manage my mind, my anxiety, and my stress before I ever came to reiki.  I took time to learn which modalities seemed to work best for which types of stressors, anxieties, and energetic moments of unraveling.  Some were best for the "quick-fix" situations of releasing the energy built up after an argument or difficult client interaction, some were better for anxiety or panic in anticipation when getting ready to face something difficult, and some were better as a daily self-care practice that was just simple and easy and didn't require any special equipment or space.

Self-Care Energy Healing Practices

If I can help by guiding other people into how and when to use these beautiful energetic self-care practices that are easy to rely on in a wide variety of settings without the need for a gym, yoga mat, or specialty foods, I know it will create a ripple effect of peace and joy for everyone who uses them.

When I thought about what kind of environment would help facilitate this type of work, I really wanted it to be a place where the land added its own naturally cleansing and refreshing element, while still having access to many different food options to serve all diets as well as traditional spa services for extra self-care needs.  Bear Mountain Inn offers all of that and more, which makes hosting the retreat in this space even more rewarding and special.

Bear Mountain - Hudson Valley - 90min North of New York City

I hope that if you know of anyone who is interested in regaining control over their energy and moving from a place of feeling depleted to more energized, that you'll share this retreat with them.  I would be honored to help guide them on their path to greater abundance and deeper self-care in their life.

Early bird pricing ends soon and there is limited space available, so I hope you won't hesitate in sharing this retreat with someone it would be perfect for.... https://www.eventbrite.com/e/abundant-life-retreat-april-13-15-bear-mountain-ny-tickets-43613596441

Anne Ruthmann
Reiki Energy Healing & Abundance Strategy

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