Lauren & Eric's Wedding

posted on: June 6, 2008

I'm pretty convinced that if I could do my wedding all over again, I would want it to be just like Lauren & Eric's!! Everything was absolutely perfect!

It is often said that the bride sets the tone for the wedding day, and I think this was my first piece of evidence that let me know what a good time everyone was going to have that day! Even dad looked pretty relaxed...

After selecting the images for the blog, I realized that I chose a lot of little kid images. What can I say, they were adorable!!! How can you resist?!

The ceremony and reception were held at the beautiful Woodstock Club in Indianapolis, IN. The surroundings were so perfect that just a few extra touches were used to enhance the scene. It really looked like something straight out of Martha Stewart, Southern Living, or New England weddings. Simple, elegant, and classic.

How happy are these two?!

Lauren cracks me up!! Eric gently fed her a piece of cake and then when she went to feed him a piece of cake, she turned the fork back around and put it in her mouth instead! I love it! This was his reaction...

Look at these two dance!!

Of course, they weren't the only ones having a good time..

They kept a good sugar buzz going with the fill-your-own candy bar..

How romantic is this?! I caught them kissing in a completely unscripted moment from another room... delish!!!

I was so happy to see the bride & groom make their exit while the guests were all still there! This totally reminds me of a classic Kennedy wedding photo. ;-) Lauren & Eric, I consider myself truly lucky to have photographed your wedding!! Never stop living every moment to the fullest!!

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  1. oh my gosh- LOVE these! everyone just looks soooo happy :D and i love the shot of all the little ones walking down the aisle, baby being carried... precious. beautiful images...


  2. These are beautiful! Love the emotion you capture :)

  3. These are really awesome, Anne! Lauren looks like a model - she's gorgeous!!

  4. jamie9:41 AM

    WOW!!! Truly wonderful work anne! they seem to have had such a wonderful, and such wonderful images to remember it by!

  5. Love these Anne! Keep kickin it.

  6. teaworthy10:36 AM

    Freak out! Delish indeed. These are so amazing. Good lord!

  7. Britney10:37 AM

    it's a beautiful wedding, and I adore all the flower girl shots. they're cute, and they just look so happy!

  8. Seim Effects11:51 AM

    The kids are Sooo cute. Good job on them all. I do love kids at weddings though... Gavin

  9. Beautiful, Anne!
    You've been so busy! :)

  10. All so gorgeous. great job, as always.

  11. David [C+D]1:42 PM

    You've been busy!! These are awesome Anne. Seriously. (PS: Indiana is still the coolest.) :)

  12. What a lovely Work Anne... I love seeing your photos, so much inspirations... Keep bloggin :) ~erwin

  13. Ya, Anne--and if I could do my wedding over, I'd look like her!! Gorgeous pictures. Lovely wedding.

  14. Um, Anne? Are you sure you didn't use print models to pose and have a mock Wedding? Cause thats how perfect they look ;)

  15. i just checked out your website for the first time. your photos are amazingly beautiful.

  16. Absolutely beautiful images Anne!

    Still blog stalking you from Chile,

  17. Anne,

    These are AMAZING.

    Love the them all! ;)

  18. what an adorable couple! i love the light and overall color for the entire day. beautiful.

  19. Emily Tekippe5:54 AM

    absolutly amazing photos of a perfect wedding! I loooveee how Martha Stewart it is! What a great collection of ideas. Definitely my favorite wedding you have photographed so far. LOVE it Anne!!

  20. awesome! You talent is truly great! //enoch

  21. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Does anyone know where the bride got her dress? I love it!

  22. melinda1:19 PM

    anne, those last 2 photos are PERFECT! i love them all, but really those last two are so classic. they are beautiful!

  23. Anonymous9:39 PM

    Does anyone know the designer of the brides dress? I love it so much.


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