AIANY New York New Design Show

posted on: February 14, 2016


On February 11, 2016 the AIANY New York New Design show opened at the Center for Architecture and it will run until May 28, 2016.  While I love these exhibits as a chance to geek out about architecture, this one is most exciting for me personally because this is the first time my architecture work is being exhibited publicly.  It's even more awesome that it's not just a random gallery, but a gallery curated by architects and dedicated to the architects of New York.  I'm especially grateful that the images chosen represent the New York Aquarium Shark Tank project I worked on with JVC Architects & Stephen M Taylor AIA, LEED, AP.

My dear friend Brian Wright stopped by and grabbed a photo of Stephen and I standing next to my images of the Shark Tank's interior "shark rollercoaster" yellow overhead crane, front exterior with viewing glass and shark, and rear exterior elevation to allow easy transport of sensitive marine life into the tanks.  The Center for Architecture did a great job of curating and designing the exhibit in such a way that I will probably go back a few more times to look at all of the other works as well.


In one of these images, it is so tempting to want to retouch an unfinished paint job on the fencing.  However, when the architects and I were discussing what should and shouldn't be photoshopped in the images, it was decided that that little odd detail helped prove that this was a real photograph and not just a rendering.

You can see a few more images from this project over on my --> Facebook Page.

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