Dating Profile Headshot: John Marlow

posted on: March 6, 2013

After returning from world travel last year, my brother asked me if I could create a "really nice profile picture" for him to use online for his dating profile.  He had lost a significant amount of weight and didn't have many recent images that were flattering.  I have to admit I was surprised because he's always been a bit camera shy and he's never asked me to shoot professionally for him before.  Of course I've taken tons of candid images of him throughout his life, but having a family member pose in front of the lens feels a little different because it requires looking objectively at light, shadow, angle, detail, and expression on the face of a person that I've grown up with and seen through so many changes.  I think I was just as surprised as he was when I looked at what I captured on my camera.  It was as if suddenly he wasn't my little (6'8") scruffy brother anymore, but this really nice guy who has great dimples when he smiles and just wants to find his soul mate.  If a future love interest decides to meet him from his dating profile because I took a great shot- yes, I will absolutely take full credit for helping him meet the love of his life. ;-)
Dating Profile Headshot

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