Belly Dancing in Art Deco Detroit

posted on: October 13, 2010

Meet Krystal, my step-sister, and an incredibly creative spirit. Once I had seen her in full belly dancing costume, I just knew I had to do a creative shoot with her handcrafted fashions set against the gorgeous Art Deco architecture of downtown Detroit. Here are a few of my favorites from our creative collaboration...
Detroit Gypsy-012.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-013.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-007.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-002.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-006.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-003.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-011.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-005.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-004.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-010.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-009.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-014.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-016.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-023.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-022.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-021.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-020.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-018.jpg

And just in case you thought she was always serious... here are a couple out-takes from some in-between moments...
Detroit Gypsy-008.jpg

Detroit Gypsy-017.jpg

I'm always up for a creative collaboration, and if I love your concept, I might even do it just for the fun of it!!

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  1. Hey Anne I love it! Going on year six of my love affair with tribal belly dance and being a fan of yours...I have to say I love it. Yalla yalla!

    Eileen (your first pinup)

  2. Anne I think I keep on seeing the painter Klimt in all these images.. nice post

  3. Thank you! I love Klimt!!

  4. Beautiful photos.
    Gorgeous Dancer.


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