Sharyn & Matt's Wedding

posted on: July 7, 2008

Sharyn & Matt are amazing people. I tried to come up with some clever analogy to somehow describe why they are so amazing, but everything just seemed to fall short of being an accurate summation of their amazingness. Let me put it this way... these are the kind of people who change the world, for the better. Now that I've completely built them up, let me show you just how cool, humble, and down to earth their wedding was and why I have such a crush on them...

The day started off with Matt getting ready with his family at a nearby hotel while Sharyn got ready with at home with the help of her mom. The bookshelf gives you a sneak peek into this couple's brilliance and sense of humor. ;-)

They decided to have their ceremony at the Netherlands Carillon in Washington, DC, which is also in the same park as the Iwo Jima / Marine Corps War Memorial, where Sharyn's family laid flowers in honor of Sharyn's father, and where Matt & Sharyn saw each other for the first time on their wedding day...

From the memorial, they casually walked together to their guests where two small rows of chairs and a table with coffee were the simple makings of their ceremony site that overlooked the District of Columbia...

One of the things that Matt & Sharyn had mentioned was how happy everyone seemed in my photos. They feared that they might not look as outwardly happy as the other people they had seen, so they practiced a fake-laugh just in case... which ended up making ME laugh more than anything!

Sharyn's bright orange Kate Spades were picking up leaves as we walked back through the park...

How stylish are these two?!

Matt navigated us through some construction traffic and a back alley as we made our way to the Tabard Inn, where a lovely and intimate brunch was served for the close family members who attended the ceremony...

After brunch, there was a bit of down time that allowed everyone to get into more formal attire for a larger evening reception at the fabulously retro Clarendon Ballroom. To set the mood, The Grandsons were on hand to play some of their signature tunes, such as Party With The Rich, and Hip Replacement. You've gotta check out their album on iTunes to hear their curiously quirky lyrics and rockabilly tunes. After hearing them at the reception, I bought their album from iTunes as soon as I got home!

Orange and red were the colors du jour and I just love the many ways in which it played out, even down to the selection of bottled water and the mashed sweet potatoes! Also, if you look closely, you can see their fabulous Ann Wood Handmade Bird toppers dressed to look just like Sharyn & Matt!

Now THIS is their REAL laugh, genuinely captured during an entertaining toast...

Look at them tear up that dance floor!

What I love most about Sharyn & Matt's wedding is that while they certainly had a fabulous day with oodles of unique style, it was never about the "things"... it was always about the people they loved and were celebrating with, and that's just one reason why I think they're amazing.

Matt & Sharyn, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for inviting me to share such a special day with you!! I consider you good friends and hope you always stay in touch!!

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  1. Great stuff, Anne. It's been a while since I've visited your blog, and man have I missed a ton! Keep up the great work!

  2. That wedding is like a breath of fresh air! If I had to do it all over again this would serve as my model. An over the top wedding is what you wind up with when you marry an only child at age 22. :)

  3. great job! I love all the details!

  4. Wow. The utter simplicity of the ceremony is just blowing me away. SO beautiful. Really brings the focus in on why they're there.

    Seriously, gold stars to them for the planning and to you for capturing it so beautifully!


  5. Annabel2:15 PM

    Oh, this wedding is glorious. I think I might have my first ever wedding envy.

  6. kristin @ the fairmount bride4:00 PM

    oh! that wedding is stunning! so simple and beautiful.

  7. Anonymous5:12 PM

    What a fantastic wedding!

    When where you in DC?! I would guess this was recent yet the pictures look like fall foliage. I can't believe you were so close to me. I would have thought I'd have felt the Anne Ruthmann vibe from here!!!

  8. Anne, these pictures are amazing! I also want to add that I just ADORE the bride's style. I love everything about her wedding day look!

  9. Yeah, pretty much what everyone else has already said. The pictures are incredible and capture the essence of their intimate, stylish celebration perfectly!

  10. These are gorgeous! I love your work!

  11. Charise6:08 PM

    Beautiful images Anne! Love all the details!

  12. Absolutely loved this wedding! So well planned out and thoughtful with location! Plus I love the kate spade bride shoes!


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