Christine & Joce's Wedding

posted on: July 6, 2008

Christine and Joce are some of the sweetest people I know! Christine & I met when we were both studying Music Education at Oakland University, and I always remember how sweet Christine was and how she always wanted things to be fair for everyone. When she told me about Joce, how they met, and how they had grown together as friends, I just knew that he was the right one for her. So, it was really surreal for me to be their wedding photographer and watch this special day unfold from behind the camera.

The girls got their hair and makeup done at Bocci Salon in Sterling Heights, MI; who was able to take a really unique hairstyle idea and make it look stunning on Christine!

One of the flower girls loved Dinosaurs, so she introduced me to her dinosaurs "Ducky" and "Spike"...

Instead of getting ready in a hotel room, Christine's "big sister" offered her RV to be parked right outside of the salon and then driven to the ceremony site! That's something I NEVER would have thought of, but talk about CONVENIENCE! It even had a side that popped out, so it was pretty roomy!

Definitely a good idea to open the champagne outside!

Christine & Joce decided to do portraits before the ceremony at Heritage Park, but first, they had a special moment together when they saw each other for the first time...

How sweet is that?! Guys don't often get all mushy at the altar in front of everyone, but get them alone and they turn into big sweeties. ;-)

The simple yet beautiful historic Hope Chapel provided just enough room for their loved ones to witness their ceremony...

After they walked down the aisle, they got to ring the chapel bells together! How fun is that!?

I may be a bit partial because I was married in the fall, but I just adore fall floral arrangements. Especially when the florist has the creative freedom to do pretty much whatever they want... everything turned out so beautifully!!

After the ceremony, the sun set quickly over their reception location at Lake St. Clair, which meant perfect timing for a silhouette..

Joce's best man also happens to be in a band with Christine, so there were some good stories to be told..

Some tricky cake eating moves...

Beautiful first dance..

In the corner of the reception site was a table for kids with some treats and fun things to play with, but once the adults found it, there was no stopping the fun...

Christine with the rest of the band members from the awesome "Sh! The Octopus". Can you believe that they did a summer tour together not long before her wedding? Check out their next concert date by -> clicking here <- a="" href="">

Christine looks hot doing the robot...

I have to give a shout out to "Ms Krysty Swann" for taking time out of her busy operatic life in New York to celebrate with Christine on her wedding day..

I have to say, the real "performance" of the evening was when Christine's brother put on his very own hip-hop performance. It was truly larger than life..

Christine & Joce - I love you and I miss you!!!

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  1. The bride is gorgeous and what fabulous hair!!! Looks like a lovely intimate celebration! Congrats Christine and Joce!

  2. Nicole9:35 AM

    Christine is GORGEOUS! I love her hair and her dress. Both are so unique. Looks like a really awesome wedding; great job, Anne!

  3. Hey Anne.... just stopping by... your work is gorgeous, as usual! :)

  4. my mom was also a music ed major, and I'm going into music too :] what did you play?

  5. Thanks Ladies!!

    Kate - Christine & I studied voice. ;-) I started off a soprano and ended up an alto!

  6. MsBunn.com10:13 PM

    I love your collages; could you share with me how you do it? It totally makes your detail shots more awesome!

  7. Your indoor shots are awesome...usually you can tell that people aren't that great at indoor reception shots...what type of lighting are you using?

  8. Hi Anne! When was this wedding? We shot our first wedding at Hope Chapel last November. :)

  9. Anonymous4:55 PM

    Anne! Please Please tell me you have more pics of this reception. I am having my reception there and am dying to see detail shots! please email me


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