Beth & Nick's Wedding

posted on: July 5, 2008

Beth & Nick are the kind of couple that loves to have fun together, so they surround theirselves with fun people! I'm wondering if Carmel Lutheran Church had their own weird sense of humor when they decided to leave this sign outside the bride's room...

The flower girls found ways to stay entertained while everyone else got ready...

Once Beth got into her dress, she couldn't stop smiling!!

While the girls were getting ready, the guys were preparing their own game plan for the ceremony... and who better to help them make the play than... guess who?

Beth wasn't the only one who couldn't stop smiling that day!

This has to be one of my favorite pictures of the day because it was completely candid and unexpected, and it shows how genuinely happy they are to be married...

We spent some time goofing around outside before heading into the reception at the Bridgewater Club in Carmel, IN...

The colors and decor blended together nicely for a classic palette of brown, cream, and touches of red...

Loose children + big tasty cake within arm's reach = free samples! Yummmay!

I can't remember a single moment when they weren't smiling or having fun!!

Nick wins for the most creative garter removal I've ever seen! He laid down on his back and pretended to do the swimming backstroke to remove the garter! Niiiiiice... ha!

This may not be the most attractive picture of one of the singers from Zanna-Doo, but nothing says "We need more cowbell" than this!!! They were a great band that kept the party going all night long!

What a beautiful night! Thank you Beth & Nick!!! I hope you never stop having fun together!!!

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  1. Shannon1:50 PM

    I'm kinda slow.. but who is the guy doing the ceremony play on the dry-erase board? :)

    Also, that photo with them sitting at the table smiling, the black and white one, is absolutely timeless!

  2. LOVE the bridal room sign! Ha!

    Nice to see another Anne Ruthmann wedding ... they're the reason I get out of bed every morning! ;-)

  3. hell yeah! A cowbell! Apparently there was a cowbell at our wedding, only my husband and I ran off to our hotel room before we got to witness it (so very sadly). Awesome shots!

  4. omg her dress is stunning
    the photo of them at the altar is amazing
    the shot of the kids around the cake is priceless
    you are so good at what you do

    and btw, the cowbell joke...
    omg! if i didn't love you before... i do now!
    that was hilarious!

  5. Anonymous8:31 PM



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