Katie & George's St. Mary In The Woods Wedding

posted on: May 9, 2008

Katie & George are a super sweet couple, and they were my first wedding in Terre Haute!! Fathom that- a wedding in the town I live in?! (Not for much longer though..) It so weird for me to just take the elevator downstairs to the salon where the girls were getting ready, but I'm not complaining! I loved being able to wake up in my own bed!

Yes, she was a vision of beauty. ;-) MWAH!

A little warm-up stretch before the ceremony...

The flowers were shades of purple and yellow and each bridesmaid's bouquet was finished off with a very special antique pin from Katie's grandmother, while Katie's bouquet was strung with little ribbons tied in knots, to resemble her grandmother's wedding bouquet.

Because Katie & George are so involved in their church, St. Patrick's Catholic Parish, there was a huge turn out... BEHIND the altar! They had several fathers, brothers, pastors, etc. who all had a part in the ceremony. It was really interesting! And check out the flower girls - ADORABLE!

I love it when I can nail a panning shot of the bride & groom as they rush back down the aisle!

George will be starting his own alterations business after this... (kidding!) ;-) Brides, feel free to cut those hanging loops out in advance so they don't creep out on your wedding day!

After a few portraits around the grounds of St. Mary in the Woods, it was off to the reception at the college's beautiful Providence Center, which is probably one of the nicest places to have a large event in Terre Haute with its tall celiings, large windows, and beautiful architecture!

I'm always up for a game of UNO!

Awesome toasts! Can you guess this impersonation? ;-)

Katie & George had a very special first dance because they actually wrote and recorded their own first dance song! To hear the song, click on any of the images in this post to open up the slideshow.

I couldn't help myself, this was too sweet, and I was in tears...

To make sure their guests had a great time, Katie & George had all kinds of fun at their reception! They had a dance instructor lead everyone in a few dancing lessons, and they even had a hoola-hoop contest!! How fun is that?!?!

Katie & George, I loved every minute of your wedding! I hope you never stop having fun together!!

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  1. These are some of your best yet. Died when i saw the girl looking trough the arms. It's awesome awesome awesome. I hope your getting that one framed. :-D

  2. chrisleda6:22 PM

    omg! i'm so glad i read your blog anne! because had i not been an avid blog stalker, i would NEVER know that those hanger thingie majiggers are called "hanging loops"

    did you make that up? :)

    anyway, beautiful work as always. i love that you are able to capture all those little moments that the bride and groom don't see! they are soooo special! the uno cards, the reading during the ceremony, the pictures! awesome!

    move to texas!


  3. This looks like a fun wedding Anne and you've captured the fun beautifully. Nice job!

    I bet Katie & George are thrilled with the photos.

    Steve Gerrard

  4. Vision of Beauty... what a perfect shot! I truly admire your work. /e

  5. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Wow! Amazing pictures. Perhaps, the best I have seen.

    Will be a regular here. Inspiring...

  6. how cute is that little girl!! i <3 them all... :)

  7. how beautiful! (i'm sorry that this is my first comment for you, i've been reading for awhile!) i love that you were able to use their song for the slideshow..so special!
    i love the photo of the woman with the tears...so so sweet!

  8. What a fantastic and fun wedding! So very, very beautiful!

    I want to be you when I grow up. :-)

  9. nice job on the panning shot! there are some great moments in there! well done anne! - katrina

  10. Wow! I echo everyone's sentiments and just wanna say, AWESOME.

    I especially loved the crispness of the guests in the church shot... just so great!!

  11. Hey Anne. Are all churches in America super-light or what?! :) You guys get the light!

    Great images as ever
    Steve x


    I suppose you're moving or uber busy conquering the world with your photos, but I pine for a blog update! :-)

    (yes, I AM pathetic!)

  13. AW, so beautiful, as always!!! Enna


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