Silly Videos of My Family

posted on: April 30, 2008

I wasn't able to get a photo post up this morning, so instead I offer you these ridiculous videos of my dog, my husband, and... reluctantly... me. Enjoy our humiliation for your entertainment. If we can't laugh at ourselves, than we have no place to laugh at others... so please, enjoy a laugh on me. ;-)

Misty, our 13 year old teacup poodle, spins when she's excited that she might get food or go outside. Note: she can only spin clockwise!

In an Indiana State University Music Department tradition, students vote to Pie-A-Professor at the end of the semester, and this year my husband was voted to get a nice big whip cream pie to the face.... (yes, that's me in there taking close ups- you can check out my husband's facebook profile for those pics)

One night during a workshop in Indianapolis, my booty had a mind of its own... yeah... you know I'm hot! HA!!!! See if you can recognize the other photographers in this video (names and links will not be mentioned to protect the innocent bystanders of my booty shakin')!!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Wow. If that wasn't embarASSing, I don't know what is.

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  1. Okay I need to get all of this out there and off my chest....

    1st Video - I miss Misty, people out there need to know that I am, indeed, her biggest fan ;)

    2nd Video - Alex in a hoodie? I am floored but thrilled.

    3rd Video - After reliving our childhood and feeling youthful for a moment (and screaming on the inside!). You can still move it girl! Remember when you taught me that dance? The one from Kid 'N' Play house party? It was the dance off at the end. I just watched it on youtube. Ha!!! We're old huh?

  2. i'm going to miss your cute ass~ haha!

  3. ha! those videos were awesome :) thanks for sharing your silly side...your little pup is adorable too. Cheers~

  4. that's not embarrassing- you're a pretty hot dancer! :)

  5. Kim Kelley12:44 PM

    These are SO much fun!
    1. Love your spinning pup. My pug does that for a treat. She's also been known to howl on occasion.
    2. I would love to see my hubby get a pie in the face. Lucky girl! LOL
    3. GO ANNE!! GO ANNE!!

  6. Work it Anne, work it! Thanks for sharing these! So fun.

  7. I started watching the doggy video and my 16 month old son started cracking up! He laughed so hard the first viewing that he had teary eyes. Here's Benji watching your vids:

    This was the 3rd and 4th time replaying it so he wasn't laughing quite as hard, but it's still cute!

    Oh, and congrats on the DWF feature!

  8. look at you go!! way to shake it! :) haha!

  9. Omg my husband and I are hysterical watching your doggie!

  10. I love the dancing video!!! That's all kinds of awesome!

  11. Dustin Francis3:32 PM

    That's Tim Co.!


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