Jackie & Chuck Engagement

posted on: April 18, 2008


He's an actor, she's a dancer, and together, they're an eHarmony success story. Even though they live in Chicago, at the time of their engagement session, it was more convenient for all of us to shoot their engagement photos in Detroit, where they were also visiting Chuck's family. Because it was super cold outside, I suggested we shoot inside the Belle Isle Conservatory, one of my favorite places to go when the weather outside is frightful. There's just something about green plants that make people happier, warmer, more relaxed... more in love.


Right off the bat Chuck started showing me his goofy side... and I gotta say, nothing breaks the ice like a ton of laughter. ;-)

It was easy to see Chuck being comfortable in his element, but I also wanted to see Jackie in her own element, so I asked for a little dance lesson... I believe this is the Charleston?? I'm pretty sure Chuck was supposed to be leading, but I think the body language says it all...


After warming up in the conservatory, it was time to head back out into the cold and to visit some of Chuck's favorite places in Detroit! First stop- the beautiful and historic Gem Theatre, where he worked for a while before moving on to Chicago...

I just love this image because of the symbolism of the young couple looking ahead to their destiny of a much older couple, still holding each other as they walk down the sidewalk... *sigh* I love people in love. ;-)

Next stop, the famously classic Elwood Grill! There's a saying in Detroit, "Meet me at the Elwood," which would typically be a pre-game or post-game stop downtown.

Last, but not least, Chuck showed us where his family has season tickets at Comerica Park...

Deeeeeeetroit!!!! At least 2007 was an awesome year for the Tigers... ;-)
Keep an eye out for their fabulous wedding photos in a future post!!!

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  1. Kim Kelley7:09 AM

    What an amazingly cute couple! Looks like they had a lot of fun. Great work Anne!

  2. jamie8:34 AM

    lovely pics! I really like the b/w one in front of the Gem, and the goofy one with the flower over the guys head - that's just awesome :-)

  3. I adore that flower picture! Great session all together!

  4. Love the story that goes along with their session. Very nicely done.

  5. Adorable couple - proving that you can find love at any age or "chapter" in your life. Awe :)

  6. wonderful story of their love & personality told through your photos!


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