Brittany & Aaron Engagement

posted on: April 29, 2008

brittany-aaron-engagement-105 copy.jpg

What an adorable couple!! This was my first (and probably my last) engagement session in downtown Terre Haute, IN!! Someday I'm going to do a study on the facades of Terre Haute, because you'd be amazed how many buildings have multiple materials, colors, and complete randomess on their facades. Anyway... back to Brittany & Aaron....

brittany-aaron-engagement-103 copy.jpg
I love light, contrast, and lines. Yummmayyy.

brittany-aaron-engagement-101 copy.jpg

brittany-aaron-engagement-100 copy.jpg
The picture above was probably one of the first ones from the session. Don't they look nervous? Don't worry people, this is natural and it happens to EVERYONE! It's weird staring at a camera! However, it usually doesn't take too long for couples to loosen up in front of me after they realize what a goof I am. ;-)

brittany-aaron-engagement-106 copy.jpg

Sexy specs...
brittany-aaron-engagement-102 copy.jpg

.... and some rockin' bling....
brittany-aaron-engagement-104 copy.jpg

brittany-aaron-engagement-108 copy.jpg

yummmmayyy..... kisses and flare... I'm happy!!!
brittany-aaron-engagement-107 copy.jpg

brittany-aaron-engagement-109 copy.jpg

I have no idea what I said... but it must've been funny!!
brittany-aaron-engagement-110 copy.jpg

I loved the light reflecting off of the lake...
brittany-aaron-engagement-112 copy.jpg

The End!! Stay tuned for their wedding photos!!
brittany-aaron-engagement-111 copy.jpg

5 comments, to add [click here]:

  1. Another great collection Anne. I love the one with the diagonal shadow.
    Keep 'em comin!
    Steve Gerrard

  2. robin hobbs7:54 AM

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of our kids!!!!!!!!! Your are AWESOME! I'm so glad you took they pictures -- memories for a lifetime. thanks, Robin (Aaron's mom)

  3. dartise10:12 PM

    I just wanted to tell you that I admire your work...I love your engagement photos...the color, the creativity...I subscribe to your blog...


    kudos to you from a photo just starting out who admires you work...

  4. Totally beautiful. I always enjoy you work!

  5. You're work is beautiful! I admire your stuff so much! I'm just starting out and I am inspired by what you've done!


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