Secret Contest Winners!

posted on: February 9, 2008

The results are in!! After many hours of tabulations and confirmations, we have a winner for the secret contest!!!!!!

**** JAMIE ****

jamie & nathaniel

What does Jamie win!? $150 to spend at her choice of one of the following stores:
- 1154 Lill - where she can be girly and create a custom bag
- Apple Store - where she can be geeky and get software or toys for her iMac
- REI- where she can be sporty and find new gear for climbing or buildering

She's not the only winner!!! The runner up is...


Nicole gets to spend $50 at her choice of one of the following stores:
- iTunes - to keep her ipod full of her favorite bands' new albums
- Etsy - to find tons of cool stuff with polka dots
- Ruth's Chris Steak House - so she can have her choice of Steak Fries, Julienned Fries, or Shoestring Fries for her belated birthday or Valentine's Day ;-)

How did these people win a totally secret contest that no one knew they were entering!??!!? Let's just say they gave me a lot of blog love in 2007, and I just wanted to give a little bit of that love back ;-)

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  1. jamie8:25 AM

    How the heck did that happen??? Wow, thanks Anne! And what a great pic of me, too! ;-) Actually, the silly pictures you have of me are some of my favourites! Hee hee, I hardly know where to go to get loot, although I was just talking about something for my MacBook last night, and moaning about something for the ipod I won in november at a conference! Hee hee!!!!! Anne Rocks!

  2. anne! that is such a smart idea & cool contest! i agree with Jamie -- ANNE ROCKS!! :D

  3. anne = the GREATEST! :) i can't thank you enough! this was a wonderful surprise!

  4. CRAZY TALK!!!!!!!!

    Fun times!

    Do you have another Flourish installment coming? I want the world to know what a lush I am and how rapidly I consume a m-m-m-m-mimosa!

  5. Samantha Smith12:29 AM

    I've been looking at your photos for the last 45 minutes. They're amazing and inspiring. :) The design of your blog is really hip, too.

    I hope you're having a wonderful week!

    -Samantha Smith


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