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posted on: February 25, 2008

When we planned this shoot, we were hoping for a beautiful fall day with plenty of time to relax together.... but life loves to throw curve balls (which is also why this is getting blogged in February!)


The weather had been threatening rain, but with this being the family's only weekday off together, we had to make it happen, no matter what the weather had in store. When we arrived it looked as if we could escape unscathed, but before we knew it, we were dodging rain drops and seeking shelter. Then, the sky would clear up, we would run back out to play in the leaves and on the playground for as long as possible until the rain would taunt us again. Despite the weather, Demming Park in Terre Haute, IN provided a great background with plenty of things to keep the kids busy. ;-)


At first mom was really worried about the holiday dresses getting ruined and the kids looking disheveled in the rain, but all I could see was utter cuteness, curiosities and excitement!







We ended up with some really great moments in the short 30 minutes we had together despite dodging rain bullets the entire time! It was so fun capturing children at these ages- and it was really eye opening to see the twin girls with their COMPLETELY different personalities! Thank you so much Long Family!! I hope we get another chance to work together when it's NOT raining! ;-)


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  1. I adore the first shot and all the shots with the kids, they are just beautiful!

  2. This is such a cute family!! I love the one of the dad throwing his daughter in the air.

  3. LOVE 1, 3, 4 & 5!!!!!!!

    Aren't twin girls adorable? And it's SO true that they can and DO have different personalities!

  4. Darbi G6:32 PM

    such a beautiful set, anne!


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