Flourish Workshop Vol. 3

posted on: February 23, 2008

My favorite thing about workshops is the ability to bounce ideas off of other photographers and learn not just from the presenters, but from the attendees as well! I'm a firm believer that everyone has something special and valuable to offer if you simply take the time to find out what it is. Sometimes it is the questions of others that cause me to think about different things for myself, and sometimes I learn a new and creative way to solve a problem I've been struggling with... in any case, I'm always excited about workshops for the people I get to meet while I'm there! ;-) Here are some of the wonderful people I met while I was at the Flourish Workshop (which, by the way, is now taking registrations for the next installment)...

First I have to start with my roommate Karen Mikols... I think we were paired together because of how outgoing and crazy we both can be... she's a total ham, just like I am... yes, sam I am

Jaci Clark..

Erich Camping..

Amy Campbell..

Thanks for the wonderful memories!! I hope you all stay in touch until we meet again!!

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  1. Fun stuff Ann as usual. Thanks for recording the details!
    See you soon at WPPI.

  2. Uh-oh. My secrets are out. Where is the photo of me drowning my mi-mi-mi-minosa? ;-)

  3. I love how every photographer you took a photo of is either hamming for the camera or oblivious. that seems really spot on as a reflection of what we do when the camera swings our way!

  4. hi, anne! looks like lots of fun.

    if you're on the north side and want to have a photo outing sometime, i'd love to hang out and have coffee! ;) i'm in fishers.

  5. Amy Campbell9:24 PM

    Hi Anne :) I have no idea where my black and white picture expression came from?? who knows :)

  6. You ROCK Anne!!! If you can make me look good...you must be the best!! Miss u! See u in Vegas!!!!!!!

  7. This had to be one awesome workshop! I love how you covered the behind-the-scenes!! Seems like forever since we have seen you!


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