posted on: February 6, 2008

Pin-Up Girl - Krystal

I love you guys, I really, REALLY do. Unfortunately, I'm getting so many emails from photographers right now that I simply cannot respond to them all while still taking care of my precious clients who've hired me to produce the very same images that you like to ask me about. This is why message boards and forums are great! You can go and get the opinions and answers of MANY different people- not just me! Here's a list of FREE resources for you to find all of the wonderful answers you could ever possibly need!

I'm incredibly flattered that you're interested in MY personal opinion and advice! You guys make me feel so special! I really loooove helping people, but I really need to scale back on how much I'm helping individual photographers until I've fully taken care of myself and my clients. If you really, truly, absolutely MUST get MY advice- there are a few ways you can get a personal response from me...
- If the question pertains to images on this blog, just leave your question in the comments under the appropriate post
- If it's a general photography question, leave a question on my blog
- Attend a workshop with me (**click here** to see where I'll be and when)
- Schedule a phone consultation for $150/hr
- Schedule an in-person consultation for $250/hr + travel
- Come to Terre Haute, IN and take me out for lunch, dinner, or a spa treatment together (wishful thinking? ha!) ! ;-)

Thank you for understanding and for all of the awesome love you've given me!

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  1. Haha...
    Perhaps you should start up the AR University Online. :) Funny thing is that you could make it work.

  2. Personal spa treatments? I think you've hit on a whole new realm of mentorship opportunities!!!!!!!!

    You were the best roomie EVER at Flourish! Lucky me for having you whip my flabby business into shape!

  3. Good for you!

    You've already been very generous with invaluable information.

  4. Well, while I've always appreciated your input when you had the time to give it, I say good for you too! Hope it helps you to make more time for your clients. :-)

    Oh, and I can't wait to meet you at Leavin Las Vegas!

  5. Jenny1:10 PM

    Anne, You are so amazing! Your clients definitely deserve your full attention!

    (I apologize if I've been one that's taken up your time! :( )

    You are an inspiration at every level!

  6. That last line, too funny. Wishful thinking, I think not. The invitation is always open. Just breathe........

  7. Look! Someone else is feeling overwhelmed by photogs, too!

  8. In my country we call this "to give someone the hand so that he can get your foot too" (hope the loss in the translation is minimal) We, photographers with thirst of knowledge, never know where are the limits... You are completely right, I only wish we could be closer to share a SPA with you :-)

  9. You mean I wasn't the only one!!?? You've been seeing other photographers?? HOW COULD YOU!!? I though you were different...***end jealous boyfriend act discovering affair.***

  10. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Once again, you are amazing. You are so generous with your time to everyone. How can we not understand that you need to focus on your business!?! We want to see you succeed more this year than last. Keep going, Anne. Your success inspires us all. Blessings to you and thanks for sharing all those resources. If I'm ever out that way, I'll take you out for a meal FOR SURE.


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