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posted on: January 9, 2008


"Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself." - William Faulkner

I'm ready for an AMAZING year and I have a strong feeling that 2008 is going to exceed my wildest expectations! First, let me recap some of the amazing things that happened last year, which have set me up for an even better 2008:
- I got a new website which has received tons of rave reviews and even made some people cry (happy tears)!
- I attended the Foundation Workshop, which helped me find my true "voice" as a photographer and taught me how to edit in order to really bring that voice to life in my work.
- I co-hosted my first workshop for photographers and the reviews proved it to be a great success!
- I attended WPPI which helped me decide which products and services were going to be best for me and my clients.
- I won several awards in WPJA and AGWPJA contests!
- I was published in Brides Magazine and featured on The Knot!
- Couples hired me from all over the country to photograph their weddings happening everywhere from LA to DC, all while living in this small town of Terre Haute, IN!
- I hired lots of people to help me streamline my business so that I can focus on giving my clients the best of everything!
- I bought a new Mac Book Pro to help me be more efficient while I'm on the road.
- I completely sold out all of my 2008 wedding openings before 2007 even ended!
... and this year is going to be even better?! I can't wait!!!

I'm not much for new year resolutions, but I am someone who loves to set goals and continually strive toward improvement! So, here are my goals for 2008:
• Spend more time with family and friends
• Improve turn around times for clients
• Blog more (is it even possible?!)
• Update website
• Give more to others
• Work on more personal art projects
• Read (or listen) to more books
• Make things even easier for my clients
• Learn as much as possible from others
• Take better care of myself
• Help at least two people change their lives for the better
I think the first and the last goals are going to be the most difficult, because they aren't something that can be measured by concrete numbers or actions- they are measures of improvement based on the perceptions of others. They will have to be measured by those involved and it will be up to them as to whether I have accomplished my goals or not! EEK!

I've always been considered a little bit crazy, but I'm OK with that, and here's why.... (press play)

One of the things I decided last year was that I was going to spend more time and money investing in myself and my education, as well as sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I'm completely self-taught when it comes to photography. I've never really had a mentor, but have often been a mentor to others. This year I really want to learn as much as possible from others, so I signed up for a ton of workshops!! I'm even teaching a few, which is just as educational as attending because of the feedback involved. Here's what I have on my calendar as of today...

1/16 Indianapolis, IN: Teaching Mini Apple Media Project Workshop for IMEA
1/20-23 Louisville, KY: Attending Flourish Workshop
1/24 Louisville, KY: Exchanging ideas with Eric Graf
1/28 Indianapolis, IN: Exchanging ideas with some great female photogs
2/7-8 Indianapolis, IN: Business Consulting for S.S.
2/25-3/1 Bald Head Island, NC: Attending Love Affair Workshop
3/16 Las Vegas, NV: Attending Pictage PartnerCon
3/17-20 Las Vegas, NV: Attending WPPI
3/20 Las Vegas, NV: Guest Shooter for Leavin' Las Vegas
3/24-26 Indianapolis, IN: (tentative) Attending OSP Indy
4/2-4 Holland, MI: Speaking for OSP West MI
7/14-20 Bologna, Italy: Attending/Photo'ing ISME Conference
10/5-8 New Orleans, LA: Attending Image X Workshop

March is going to be a VERY full month for me with weddings in between each workshop (very unusual to have so many March weddings), but thankfully I have most of April free to recover! On top of the workshops, I have a very special project I'll be working on in February with Northernlight Filmworks and some of my amazing clients/friends. ;-) I'm so proud of the concept and I can't wait to share it with you when it's finished!!

Just sharing all of this makes me so pumped!! I'm ready for a little Black Eyed Peas... how about you?! (press play and get ready to dance!)

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  1. Anne, you're pretty much amazing! :)

  2. Hi Anne, i've followed your work through 07 and came away impressed every time. Congrats on the success. I'll be seeing you in New Orleans!

  3. Okay, I volunteer myself for your last resolution=) seriously.
    I was asking my husband who is very cynical if he knew of another profession other than photography where we become so pretentious. His response was "Well, Anne Ruthmann isn't at all." That's a huge compliment coming from him especially. I really appreciate your down-to-earthness. And you are definitely a mentor for me! Thanks Anne!

  4. Anne, I can not believe we will be attending Love Affair on the same week! I just want to warn you that I will be your groupie the whole time.

    That is all.

    :) Happy 2008!!!

  5. Absolutely LOVE the CRAZY video! Thanks for inspiring us Anne!

  6. Anonymous8:20 PM

    See you in Italy! I'll be staying there with my mom around the 11th- 19th. I'll also be in Indy on april 11th before a wedding- do you want to meet up for a meal or something? Drop me an email jackieblair@mac.com
    Good luck with all your plans this year!

  7. Ann,
    I can only admire you for great work you do for your dedication to this blog. Congratulations to your succesful 2007 and best wishes into 2008.
    I will try to be in Holland Michigan in April so I can meet you in person. I do not want to be your anonymous blog stalker :)

  8. I have loved your style AND your self for a long time. OK – never have met but have known you through OSP and now your blog. I keep up with you because of these two reasons. You must be a great friend – I see you as a people person because of all the wonderful relationship images you capture. Your list for this year is a lot to do – finding time for yourself is so important though. It helps us stay sane. I go hiking to help me regroup. I need to look at some of the things on your list to see if they could help me move forward. Thanks for sharing.



  10. Glad to hear you'll be at Flourish! Can't wait to meet you there!
    Thank you for sharing your 2007 experiences. It's of great benefit to those of us just starting our business.


  11. Anne, Happy New Year! I believe 2008 will far exceed your expectations as you are such a motivated person and so giving. Blessings come abundantly for people like that! Brace yourself!


  12. Just wanted to leave some comment love. My resolution this year is to be less "blog stalker" and more "blog participater." And who doesn't like to receive comments?? Maybe we'll run into eachother at WPPI!

  13. You are so kind and SO gifted! Thanks for the kind post friend.

  14. The exchanging of ideas won't be a fair trade for you but it'll be fun hanging out with you!

    It will only take 10 minutes to share everything I know with you! ha

    U got skilz, girl! And a good heart.

  15. Looks like an insanely busy year for you, be sure to schedule in a little time off too! :)

  16. Anne- thanks for sharing all your accomplishments and new goals for the new year- it was a great encouragement to me!! So thanks---have fun at Flourish!

  17. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Watching the BEP video with my four year old over my shoulder. As the things are falling from the sky behind the musicians, he says in his very sweet little boy voice, "It's berry dangerous in the stweet!"

    Made me laugh.

    Here's to another year getting crazier every day! Love ya, Anne!

  18. I have to say I absolutely love your work, I continually looking to be inspired... so thank you. I'm curious about this OSP Indy, do you have any more info on it? I'd love to network with some local talent and share ideas, thoughts, etc.

    Thank you for the inspiration!!


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