Only 3 Wedding Openings Left for 2008!

posted on: November 15, 2007

I only take a limited number of wedding clients each year and I'm very close to my limit for 2008. Last year I didn't give any warning and I ended up with a bunch of people who wanted to throw pointy shoes at me, so this year I'm letting you know in advance! My policy is straight forward- a signed contract and $1000 retainer fee saves the date with me (wow, I rhyme.) If you missed the boat, please don't cry or grab the nearest pointy shoe, I know lots of other great photographers I can refer you to! (hot poop, I did it again!)


I will definitely be in the Detroit area for Thanksgiving weekend. If you're one of my current Detroit area clients who needs to schedule an engagement session, or wants to schedule a boudoir, contact me this weekend to set up a time. Clients who've already signed contracts with me have priority over unsigned clients. Sorry... I gotta take care of the peeps who take care of me (and I don't mean marshmallow peeps).

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  1. jamie8:30 AM

    must say that "hot poop" made me laugh out loud this morning!

  2. Wow.. totally booked for '08.. Wish I could say the same..

    Hey if you got some time I'd love to grab coffee with you and Alex. :)

    Give me a call or something. ;)

  3. "hot poop" ha ha ha ...thanks for the giggle :D

    Way to go on being completely booked for '08!

    I'm so bummed. We were suppose to be in Detroit for Thanksgiving, but the darn plans changed and now we will be in Chicago area. It would have been great to meet up with you.

    Hope you have a great time in the big D. Check out the Detroit Breakfast House & Grill--yummy, yummy food (info on my blog).


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