LOVE IT: Busted Tees

posted on: November 13, 2007

You know how one cool thing usually leads to another? Well, as I was putting together my LOVE IT: MOO post, I explored some of the MOO approved designers and fell in love with Busted Tees (among others!) I haven't been able to get their humorous phrases and designs out of my head ever since!! The beauty of their work is that much of it is so subtle that some of the humor may take a while to sink in, but that's what makes it so awesome. The best part is that you can either purchase MOO stuff with their designs, or you can head to their regular website and get your hands on some Busted Tees and Hoodies. Holiday gifts anyone?!

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  1. Hi Anne - I NEVER leave comments on the blogs I read, but this is the 2d one today. so funny! anyway check out these companies too

    I own far too many from both of them.

    Peter Taylor

  2. Anne...thanks for more great random goodness. I needed it today.

  3. I am so buying the Volunteering shirt for my husband. That is awesome, thank you so much for posting these!!!

  4. Hey Anne....

    OK I give up. What does the 2nd amendment one mean.....Oh wait....I just got it. Bear Arms.

    OK nevermind.


  5. That "shit happens" shirt MUST BE MINE. Holy crap!


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