Kim & Pete's Wedding

posted on: June 26, 2007

First Dance

Kim & Pete are so in love and it shows in everything they do! They started their day together, hanging out with family in their honeymoon suite at The Inn at St. John's in Plymouth, MI.

Don't they smell good?
How to hold the pillow

Doesn't Kim look gorgeous even when her hair is a mess?!! She had the biggest smile on her face all day long!!
Getting Hair Done

This photo just cracks me up!! The wedding party is the new paparazzi!
Look here!

Here's what they were taking a picture of- all of the girls in their custom tank tops:
Custom Tank Tops

The flower girl and ring bearer were so cute! Especially when they weren't expecting to have their picture taken. ;-)
Flower Girl
Ring Bearer

The finishing touches of becoming a bride...
The dress abyss
Dress detail
The veil

We went outside for a few portraits before the ceremony began and the wind was tossing Kim's veil all over the place! Here, one of her bridesmaids is trying to keep it under control!
Fly away!

The set up in this chapel is very unique, but it certainly makes for some very dramatic images!
The Inn at St. John's Chapel
Hands in prayer

At one point during the ceremony the priest did something very unexpected. He pulled out three gifts - one for the maid of honor, one for the groom, and one he held onto. He asked the bride & groom to choose one and they ended up picking the one the maid of honor was holding. The priest made two lessons out of this. The first thing he mentioned was that he was happy to see that Kim & Pete talked about their choices before making a decision together. The second was that they chose the gift that was meant for them and that even though the other gifts may tempt their curiosity after they've made their decision, the only gift that was right for them was the one they chose in the first place. What a powerful way to demonstrate a message of faithfulness.
Choose a gift

The guests loved the "Candy Shoppe" where they could fill up small bags with lots of different treats..
Candy Bar
In the candy

During dinner Kim & Pete ran a slideshow of childhood pictures projected onto a screen for everyone to watch. Of course there had to be some funny and embarassing moments included!
Watching the slideshow

This is my absolute favorite image from the day. When DJs don't have much lighting with them, sometimes I'll set up a second light somewhere to help add a little bit of drama and backlighting on the dancefloor. I just love how the light outlines the shadows here and yet gives us a little mask of light on Pete's face just before they kiss. LOVE IT!!!
Film Noir Bride & Groom

Kim danced with several of her uncles and here's one of my fave... again, love the expression, moment, and light!!
Uncle & Bride

In keeping with the film noir style images... Pete & his mom...
Mother & Son

Time to party!!
Party On
In the circle

This girl was soooo excited that she got the bouquet!! She even managed to do it without ever letting go of her teddy bear!
Bouquet Winner

In the middle of a crowded dance floor....
In the middle of the crowd

Kim & Pete - thank you sooo much for making me a special part of your day!! May the best be yet to come!

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  1. Nice stuff, Anne!! That flower girl shot alone is worth a million bucks!!

  2. WOW! you're a very talented photographer. I dabble but these are just awesome.

  3. Brilliant! Just brilliant! This is a very lucky couple to have such masterful images of their day.

  4. Wow Anne!! Those were delicious tear-jerkers. How are you able to outdo yourself all the time? You're amazing! I too LOVE that favourite with the light on the groom's face just before the kiss...YES! I have to get married soon so I can hire you.

  5. Great shots Anne!!

  6. I had an extremely frustrating photoshoot yesterday. My biggest problem is lighting. Looking at your pictures I am just again in awe over your technique (and close to hang up my own camera. ;-). )

  7. Wow! Excellent work.

  8. these are gorgeous as usual anne! I love that flower girl image. Although i am now grumpy with you - call me the next time you're in my neck o'the woods, gosh darnit!! ;-)

  9. Beautiful images Anne!

  10. Anne, LOVE the paparazzi! You are so good at including humor in your images. The hands on the shot wall during the ceremony is wonderful and love the processing on it. And sooo love the dancing images with the spot light. Gorgeous. You are an amazing photographer...Rebekah on my blog gave you an awesome compliment. Did you see it?

  11. The b&w shot of the bride and groom dancing is one of the most stunning images I have ever seen INCREDIBLE!!!


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