Bed Jumping!

posted on: June 20, 2007

I debated about whether or not I would actually post this. A few people dared me to. The professional in me thought that it would be soooo unprofessional, but the Anne in me thought that it would be sooo funny!! Even though I take my JOB very seriously, I try not to take MYSELF too seriously!

The night before a wedding is usually quite stressful - double checking equipment, making sure batteries are charged, and thinking about all of the things I want to try creatively while also having anxiety over the shots I absolutely have to get. So, when I found the website, I thought I'd give it a try at the last hotel I stayed in. If you're staying in a hotel the night before your wedding - I highly recommend a little bed jumping to help you relax!! Not only was it a great stress reliver and a ton of fun, it was also a great workout!! The professional in me also used it as an opportunity to experiment with some different off-camera slaved flash techniques. Yes, I'm a dork and here are some of my slick bed jumping moves...

Jumping Froggy Style

Crouching Writer Style

Floating Feather Style

Flying Clown Style

After seeing these a few people commented that it looks like I might be on the Indiana State bed jumping team. To my knowledge, they don't have one - but if they start one, I'll sign up! If you feel inspired to try this, send your images to and then tell me about it!!

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  1. haha!! this is great! look at you go!

  2. NICE! I'm diggin' that "flying clown!" I'd give it a 9.5!

  3. Fun!
    Really like the floating feather!

  4. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Floating feather rocks!

  5. melinda5:41 PM

    anne those are so funny!! when i was little, the first thing my sister and i would do when we got to a hotel was test the beds to see how they "jumped."

    my personal favorite of yours was the writer one :)

  6. i hear about this from someone in OSP that i had to check it out. "you, girl is crazee"

    you are awesome. this should totally be a sport.


  7. That's so awesome! I love the floating feather!

  8. You make me smile (or sometimes laugh and snort) :).

  9. Hilarious! Love the flying clown!

  10. Anonymous1:20 AM

    OMG flying clown is hilarious!!!!

    jessica johnston

  11. jamie8:33 AM

    you crack me up!!
    i'm a big fan of the feather...
    we need to hang out again sometime!

  12. you are the cutest thing ever!

  13. Anne, you are hilarious and I love you!


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