Trip to Norway

posted on: April 25, 2007

The traveling started around 10:30 am Monday in Terre Haute, Indiana and ended at around 10:30 am Tuesday in Bergen, Norway. Once you factor out the 6 hour time difference, that's about 19 hours of travel... which I've condensed into an 8.5 minute video of various clips. We had connecting flights in Chicago and Amsterdam, which are both HUGE airports - so the video shows a little bit of what it's like getting around those airports. You'll also see for a fraction of a second that our Amsterdam flight departed at 4:20.. too funny, I bet some air traffic controller set that schedule for kicks. You'll also get to see the sunset and sunrise over the clouds of the Atlantic Ocean, the flight attendant who set off an alarm in the Indy airport, Dan acting like a snake, Alex stopping to check out his favorite food, and some arial views of Amsterdam and Bergen.

I want to give a special thank you to Dan who was so generous to take us to the Indy airport in the middle of his workday. Thank you Dan!!!

Click play to watch the youtube video of our Trip to Norway...

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  1. And how did you do with the swimming across the Atlantic part? ;)
    Have fun in Norway.

  2. First off - Nice Hubby! Maybe in the next video we can see more than just his rear - I'm not saying it is a bad rear. . .

    Second off - Did you carry on everything?

    Third off - My sister lives in Amsterdam, I guess it is a little late to be telling you that!

    Fourth off - Have a great time, and don't forget to take SOME pictures!

  3. great compostition. Thanks for posting for us blog stalkers who were preparing to have withdrawals from you while you are gone. We know you care even when you don't have a lot of time to post. have a great time!!!!!

  4. how fun! this has got me suuuper excited about my trip to germany! minus the whole flying part. i have major flying anxiety. by the way, i am loving the music. :) great choice!

  5. love the music! had the feeling of being 'just there' during all the travels too! Have a great time.

  6. thanks for helping a mom deal with baby girl so far away...Did alex, aka cheeseman, acquire cheese or just survey the goods?

  7. Aufbau -the swim was quite trecherous! After a few hours we found a ship of pirates to hitch-hike with! ;)

    Dena - yeah... my hubby avoids my camera like the plague, I always hope that one day he'll change. We didn't carry everything on... which led to a 24+ hour delay in getting our luggage. But we also get a 100 euro reimbursement for the things we needed to buy while our luggage was missing.

    If you like the music, you should definitely check out the musicians! The Gotan Project does some really cool stuff.

    Mom - Alex did not acquire any cheese... but we've enjoyed a wide variety at the hotel breakfast buffet!


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