My heart hurts.

posted on: April 18, 2007

My eyes sting with the tears I shed for others. Yet, as much support as we give to those who suffer loss, we must also reach out to the people in our everyday lives. We need to be proactive about preventing hatred in the future. During this time when so many are sad- make it a point to share happiness. Make it a point to love and forgive someone you normally look at with hatered. Sadness, fear, and anger are often confused for one another, but each of those negative feelings can be turned around by acts of love.

I challenge you to reach out to someone who upsets you. Forgive them. Pity them. Love them. Do something kind for them and expect nothing in return. Find something about them to compliment and admire. Be sacrificial in your love. Be an example of peace. Pay it forward and it will come back to you in ways you could never imagine.


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  1. Wow Anne...this is so beautiful and so right on! Everything you said is so true and I'm really grateful for the reminder.


  2. You are so sweet, Anne. It's infectious. So happy to know you.

  3. it's so sad and upsetting about VaT. Brings a lot home for me right now, having been in a very similar situation less than a year ago. (On a smaller scale, sure, but PTSD doesn't care how big or small these things are. It's gonna kick your butt just the same.)

    I wish I couldn't imagine what the students, faculty, friends, family and that whole town are going through right now. I hope that in the midst of their shock and sorrow, they're able to focus on the small little bits of beauty still in the world. That was pretty much the only thing that helped me.

  4. Thank-you, Anne for the potent reminder to take action and do good when something bad happens.
    I appreciate your post and encouragement!

  5. Beautiful post Anne! I agree! It truly is heartbreaking that people harbor so much hatred in their hearts and act out accordingly on innocent people. Life is too short to hold grudges or unforgiveness. My heart is with the victims families of this trajedy. Thanks for being a beautiful example of peace in other's lives!


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