LOVE IT: Soy Chai Latte

posted on: April 12, 2007

As the rain trickled down the outside of my window, thoughts of fireplaces and drinking something warm and cozy came to mind. So, I headed out early to get one of my favorite indulgences- a hot Soy Chai Latte (I prefer Starbucks, but it's good elsewhere too!) Why do I love it so much? Because it tastes like you're drinking a cinnamon roll covered in cream cheese frosting or a piece of pumkin pie with sweet whipped cream on top.... seriously, doesn't that sound yummmmy?!?! The Tazo® Chai blend served by Starbucks is "a mix of rare black teas, exotic spices and comforting vanilla."

Even if you've never had soy milk or have been afraid to try it, try it in a hot Chai Latte first and see what you think. I don't drink soy milk in anything else, but for some reason, I absolutely love it with Chai Tea and now Chai with anything else just doesn't taste as good to me. Another option would be to go with non-fat milk, but the soy milk really brings something special to the flavor - in addition to extra iron and fiber, as well as reduced cholesterol and sodium (over skim milk). And don't forget to use your own mug to save 10¢ off your drink, but more importantly to save a few trees and landfills.

What's your favorite coffee or tea drink? I'm always interested in trying something new! Tell me what your favorite coffee house drink is in the comments below and you could win a $10 gift card to Starbucks! (Make sure you include your email so that I can contact you if you win!!)

Also, since April is Earth Month and Earth Day is only a few weeks away, Starbucks has teamed up with Global Green USA to provide a fun and interactive edutainment game about the different ways we can reduce our individual carbon footprints. Click the picture below to play!

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  1. ooh. i love a chai from starbucks in the winter. in the summer, i love ordering a Chai Creme Frappacino for a cool and tasty treat. yes it has tons of calories...but when you need a treat it's a good one to pick!

  2. My hubby and I LOVE the Grande non fat Peppermint Mocha - no Whip. YES - they have peppermint other times of the year!

    And for all those who take FOREVER to order at starbucks - have your order in your head BEFORE you get to the counter! It is not like the menu has changed!

    Sorry here in Florida - sometimes you are behind someone that has never seen a Starbucks before AND they want to pay with a check - Just kidding about the check writing but people still write them down here all the time, and are always checking out in front of me at the store!

    FYI They have Lite Frappacinos - it is great and doesnt make you feel that guilty - and dont add the whip creme!

  3. oooh totally love the chai tea goodness!

    but hands down, my favorite 2 :) are:

    Fall: Caramel Apple Cider
    Rest of the year: White Chocolate Mocha. mmmm that's like liquid happiness in a cardboard cup!


  4. Jennie O.3:39 PM

    I love Starbucks but the current new house budget doesn't allow for many trips to the one right in town. It is funny, now that I'm within walking distance from a Starbucks I can't take advantage of it.

    By far my favorite drink is a zebra mocha. It is a mix between a traditional mocha and a white mocha. I go all out with the whipped cream and stuff too. It is especially tasty over ice.

  5. Well, I'm with you- I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I love a non-fat Chai Latte :)

    But I'm also a fan of the Green Tea Frappaccino- it's yummy!

  6. I'm definitely not much of a coffee drinker, but I can never get enough tea! Next time you're in Chicago, stop in to Argo Tea on Randolph, right in the theatre district. They have a huge assortment of teas (and coffee and other treats...), but my all-time favorite has to be the mango bubble tea!! Very, very delicious and the tapioca beads really add to the flavor. Yum!!

  7. I love the nonfat carmel macchiato!! it's so awesome

  8. Katie - I love Bubble Tea & Bubble Smoothies - such an addicting sensation! Chewing on bubbles and drinking at the same time... mmmm... oh the luxuries of living in a larger city....

  9. How funny -- my fave drink at coffee shops is the Chai Latte as well -- but I have never tried it with soy! But the place that makes it the best is Caribou Coffee (IMHO) :)

  10. I agree Caribou makes a great Chai!!!! Terre Haute doesn't have a Caribou- boo hoo!! : (

  11. Here's the ultimate awesomeness - my fav is:

    Chai Latte with Soy Milk Please!!

    When Rob and I went on our first date we stopped at a local coffee shop. He ordered a Chai Latte with Soy, and me being all flirty said "I'll have the same thing as him".

    Well you are totally right, Soy Chai Latte is the bomb, and will always be my fav, for the taste and the story.


  12. I love the soy chai latte too! I have different drinks on standby, depending on the caffeine need of the moment. Here are my faves in the order of buzz-ability, most caf to least:
    1. grande mocha with an extra shot (at caribou, no extra shot is needed. their espresso is a lighter roast, which = more caffeine)
    2. tall mocha, sometimes with mint
    3. soy chai latte
    4. venti tazo tea, hot, one packet of "Om" and one of "Calm", with honey
    5. just "Calm", tall, no honey

    note a: I almost never get decaf anything. Feels like shooting blanks.
    note b: at Christmastime, I am all about the eggnog latte. Just a tall, with nutmeg. Caribou's falala latte is good too, but Starbucks cuts the eggnog with some milk, and that makes it just a little more appealing to me. Less thick. But in any case, the espresso cuts the eggnog, and the drink rocks--especially in the cold. Feels like drinking a blanket. Can't do it too often though, or it feels like my teeth are wearing sweaters.
    note c: my favorite barebones could-drink-it-black-if-i-had-too is Caribou's Costa Rica. The beans smell amazing (a little like fresh peanut butter).

    p.s. love the new wedding pics...your talent is so inspiring, Anne!

  13. i have 2 favourite drinks at Starby's... my first love is a triple shot non-fat no-whip peppermint mocha (with varying degrees of caffeination) and my other is chai. But I ask for my Chai with no water - just non-fat milk. It's also good with an extra pump or two of Chai (say, 4 in a grande instead of 3) but still no water. That's my only hint on Chai.. which I haven't had in a long time because I miss my mochas too much!

  14. jamie9:09 AM

    ja said... yeah, that was supposed to be jamie... yay computers! (ja, ja, totally user error, i know...)

  15. My favorite is the same as yours...almost. Soy chai latte, with a shot of sugar-free vanilla flavoring.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I personally am i love with Iced Caramel Macciattos with extra vanilla.... *sigh* BUT... I do have a soft spot for a simple Tazo Awake Hot Tea with Cream and Sugar.

    I am new to OSP and I have fallen in love with your shots!! You ROCK!! ;-) lol

  18. I commented in the Cbox (d'oh), but I mentioned that the Chai Latte is my absolute fave (I have about 5 flavors of the home-stuff on my kitchen counter). But in between the wedding and reception on Sat. that I was shooting, I went ahead and tried the Chai Latte w/Soy...YUMM!

    *here's hopin' I win that gift card!*

  19. ooohhh how I love the Chai. I'm a recovering Barista since the cutest little cafe in the state closed a few months ago leaving me with a hankerin' for my favorite frozen drink...'the Charlie Brown'.
    I mourn the loss of this original drink that our owner created in seconds. The ingredients included mocha, peanut butter espresso, vanilla latte and a drop of love. Can't remember all the rest. But I will go now to say a prayer for my dear Charlie Brown.

  20. oops, forgot to include my know, just in case.

  21. Sarah W.11:57 AM

    So this is my own concoction I devised after working in a cafe during college - A Dharma Bum.

    Take Earl Grey tea, add a shot of almond syrup, and fill the cup 3/4 with hot water and the rest with hot milk. Yummy!

    It's one of those "custom orders", but I often make it at home.

  22. The winner has been chosen! Thank you to everyone who responded!!

  23. I love my No Water, Soy Chai from Starbucks also. I drink it often. I even buy the Tazo Chai Mix and make it myself at home with Soy Milk. I was just looking for an interesting photo to add to my blog today and typed in my favorite drink and found your blog. Thanks for sharing about one of your favorite drinks!


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