Getting to Know Bergen

posted on: April 28, 2007

One of the nice things about traveling internationally for a conference is that we already have a relationship with local people who can introduce us to the best of the city or country we're visiting. Magne & Gisle have been very gracious hosts, especially amidst their responsibilities of running the conference and festival taking over Bergen right now.

The first delightful treat was attending the festival photographer, Paul Bernhard's private opening exhibition of musician's portraits from previous festivals, as well as hearing William Hut perform live on acoustic guitar. What a beautiful voice to hear in such an intimate space.

Paul Bernhard's Portrait Exhibition

William Hut

We followed with a dinner of garlic shrimp and mollusks..

Then we headed to the Logan Theatre for drinks with some of the conference participants...
Downtown Bergen
Logan Theatre Bar

and I wandered around looking for interesting things...
View from Logan Theatre BalconyLooking through the Green Room of the Logan Theatre

Just before we headed back to the hotel, I wanted to grab a snack to balance out the beer we drank and I thought it would be interesting to show you what the prices for some common things are like here in Norway. The USD is about 1/6th NOK... which means a Snicker's bar is about $3 US... when bad food is pricey, it definitely makes dieting easier!

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  1. I *definitely* need to live in a place where junk food is $3 a candybar! :)

    Glad you're enjoying the trip so far and remembering to take photos! Can't wait to see & hear more as you go.


  2. That looked like a day that I would have loved. Continue on enjoying the place of my maiden name heritage!

  3. I love that shot of William Hut with the photograph of himself on the wall. Stunning!

    Can't wait to see more!


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