Sunday Funnies!!!

posted on: January 20, 2007

One of my favorite things when I was a kid was getting to read the "funnies" (aka comics) in the Sunday newspapers. I don't read the newspaper much anymore because all the great stuff is online, but I still enjoy lots of funnies!!!

The first is an actual comic from What The Duck, which is entirely dedicated to photographers ;-)

I busted out laughing so hard when I read this!!! Mainly because this is how a lot of wedding photographers describe their work (yes, I'm one of them!), and what a lot of other photographers think of their work!!! Bwahaha!!

The second & third funnies come from a recent lunch meeting with some other Indiana photographers (they're going to kill me for this!!!) We're such a goofy bunch!!!

This video was inspired by The Long Awkward Pose, and the victim is Bobbi, of Photography By Bobbi. She can't help but be cute! Don't you just want to put her in your pocket and take her home with you?

.. and then I caught Amanda, of Turtle Pond Photography laughing at the pictures she took of Bobbi (which is why there was a red light flashing on Bobbi's face). You'll also see a very quick scan of the rest of the photographers at the table, including: Cindy Wagner, Matthew Gordon, David Takayoshi, J. Scott, Bobbi's husband Mike, and Amanda's husband Nate. ;-) I swear this woman is so photogenic - even when she's being a total goof she looks absolutely gorgeous!

In all fairness, the fourth funny is of me singing karaoke with a bunch of my husband's college students cheering me on, and my husband selling me out for practicing in advance! I think my husband should give all of them an "A+" for sharing the love!! (BTW.. I'm a classically trained singer, which means I SUCK at Karaoke!)

I saved the best, or perhaps the worst, for last!!! This HILARIOUS video is of an older man karaoke singing "P**** Control" by Prince! It was so hilarious that we all got up and started dancing to root him on!!!

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  1. Oh Man! Looks like you all had a blast -- I'd like to come along next time!

  2. Woooo weeeee... I think there was a little somethin' in that salsa!!!

  3. HAHAHAAAA!!!! Thanks Anne :o) If ONLY I had video of YOU! It's ON NOW GIRL!!!!!

  4. amanda11:54 AM

    SWEET!!!!! Love'm crazy queen of the video cam....

  5. Hahahahah!!!! Did you hear it cut off just as you were calling me a "video junkie"!!! Ahhhhh.... it's just so much fun!! I can't wait for OSP Indy... you KNOW there will be NO shame then!

  6. Anne, you are the queen!! I've been busy this week solving all of my little tech problems and all and looking for answers on several of the forums and there you are. You have so many great ideas and experience and are super about sharing it all. Thanks for everything. See you at the next go around.


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