Jenn & AJ Engagement

posted on: November 17, 2006

Jenn & AJ are the first couple I've photographed in my new town of Terre Haute! AJ went to Indiana State University and learned how to fly at the local Sky King airport, and even though neither of them live here now, they made a special trip back to Terre Haute to capture these personal locations in their engagement pictures! It was so fun to get a mini-tour of the places that were so fond to him in college.

When Jenn & AJ told me that we'd be shooting at the airport, I must've spent days thinking about the kind of pictures, angles, and different things we could do to incorporate the planes!! Here are just a few of the things we came up with!!

I have to tell you a little story about the picture below.... if you've been reading my blog and looking at my pictures for a while now, you know how much I loooove kissing pictures! I always ask couples how they feel about kissing, just in case they don't feel comfortable with the idea, and Jenn & AJ surprised me by telling me they are saving their kiss for their wedding day!! Talk about WILL POWER!!! I asked them if they were open to making it look like they were going to kiss, without actually kissing and they said, "sure!" I could literally FEEL the sparks in the picture below - it gave me goosebumps!!! It was pure torture for me knowing that they weren't going to kiss and I can only imagine how much torture it was for them to be THAT CLOSE and still hold back!! Wow. Of course, now I'm just that much more excited to capture their first married kiss!!!

Here's a different kind of ring shot...

On the runway... ready for take-off!

Jenn & AJ, thank you so much for coming back to Terre Haute for your engagement pictures!! I can't wait for the wedding day!!

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  1. wow! beautiful job as always. I absolutely ADORE that last shot on the runway!!!

  2. okay, i'm curious: do you mean that they're waiting for their wedding to kiss *on camera*, or are they waiting for their wedding day to kiss *for the first time*???

  3. Thanks Jillian!!

    Fred - *For the first time*! It really won't be their FIRST time, but it might as well be since their last kiss happened a long time ago! I couldn't do it... I know I'm not that strong!!

  4. me neither! kissing is too much fun to delay...! and you've got to practice for that big wedding day.

  5. That runway shot is just brilliant, Anne! I'm so impressed with your work.

  6. Awesome! Congrats on your first session in your new hometown! Love the incorporation of the airplanes. I think all of Terre Haute will be knocking on your door deserve it!

  7. TERRE HAUTE!!!!!! From an ISU alum... GRRRRRREAT job!!! I've been doign all of these engagement shoots at IU, Purdue and Butler... and I've always thought that ISU had such a beautiful campus and you just proved me right :) Great work as always Anne! LOVE TO YOU!


    PS. There's a HUGE rivalry between Sky King and Terre Haute Air Center (THAC) pilots... and my husband flew at THAC... Maybe you could shoot us there to see if it's better :) Alright, I'll quit being the competitive college student I once was. :D

  8. Thank you so much Molly!! I just noticed you're from Kansas City - so is my husband!

    Jen - ha!! We'll see!! So far I've only had local requests for dates I'm already booked! (I'm guessing most photographers around here book only 6-9 months out rather than the 10-14 months I'm used to!)

    Thanks for the alumni props, Bobbi!! Any time you & Mike want to shoot at THAC, I'm up for it!!

  9. That's so sweet that they're waiting to kiss. I had a couple this year that had their first kiss during the ceremony, too. Definitely will power, but I like that people wait and make it special and don't make their relationship be all about the physical stuff. I applaud them. :)

    Great pictures, as usual!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. where on earth is that student union building shot? These really are lovely shots

  11. Kristen Alexander1:09 PM

    WoW! I LOVE the shot of her on his back acting like she is flying!!! Great shot!!

  12. Wow, I had no idea that last picture would be so popular!! I wonder what exactly it is that makes it so special?! I thought it was just fun and cheesy. ;-)

    Jamie- that's Tirey Hall on ISU's campus. Have you ever been to concerts or performances there? ;-)

  13. Wow! Such a beautiful e-session! Your work is inspiring Anne. They look like such a fun couple to work with too! Did you know that you, yes you, have gotten me hooked on Blogging.... and yours is at the top of my list to visit... True!

  14. Love this airport shoot! I am on my way to do an e session at an airport so I googled "airport engagement session" and you came up. Great work!


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