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posted on: October 25, 2006


Flickr is my all-time favorite online photo sharing site. Almost all of the images I post in my blog are first posted on flickr. So, people who have listed me as a contact on their flickr account get to see some of my pictures before everyone else does, along with a few pictures that never make it to the blog (like this one)!

When photography was just a hobby, and I wasn't as crazy busy as I am now, I loved joining flickr groups and sharing photos along a common theme. There are groups for absolutely anything you can think of! You can even make your own groups so that everyone from your wedding can put their photos in the same group! The best part is that you can control who gets to see your images and what they can do with them. So, if you love to take pictures, or if you love looking at pictures, you need to join flickr! It's free!! And if you're someone who likes to post pictures in your bio, or on your website, flickr makes it so much easier with custom links and tags that make it easy to search for any picture you want!

Probably my favorite feature of all, is being able to comment on photos, leave notes on photos, mark favorite photos, and meet other interesting photographers. Here are some of my favorites from other flickr members....

I hope that if you join flickr, or if you already have a flickr account, you'll add me as a contact so I can see all of your cool photos too!!!

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