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posted on: July 14, 2006

I'll be shooting an out of town wedding this weekend, so I look forward to returning your calls and emails on Monday. ;-) In the meantime.. enjoy the sunshine!!! (Thank goodness for weddings, or I'd never get out from behind the computer!)

What do you think of this logo? I'm trying to decide which style fits me best.. I'm too chameleon to decide!

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  1. anne, i like it. probably because i LOVE old typewriter fonts. love the a in a circle. the color is not my fav, but i think it suits you!

    and this is a gorgeous flower photo!

  2. Heidi Bartlett11:44 PM

    Anne -

    Hello! I just wanted to let you know I am a graphic designer and would love to help you out with your logo if you wish!
    Maybe we could switch our talents for each others...;)

    Are you still available on August 25, 2007? I plan on making a decision in the next week or two. I found a GORGEOUS place to have an outsite wedding (Simmons Winery).


    Heidi Bartlett

  3. Jeannette1:54 PM


    I adore the fact that you change it up all the time. Maybe your logo can go with feel of the photographs.

  4. sally5:34 PM

    I love it, and love the font. The colors are not my favorite but they definitely evoke springtime (me personally I'm more of a fall person). I can't help but free-associate friendly porcupine when I look at this pic! but that's my problem....

    The picture definitely belongs in a photography book or hung up in a gallery, either way.

  5. What I love about it is that the (a) can be stamped anywhere and still represent you. Another great thing about it is that it can be ANY color... ANY time! I dig it.


  6. sarah west5:39 PM

    I agree that the color isn't my favorite, either. I think maybe the font could be a bit smaller. Your pictures are so fantastic that you don't want to take to much away from them with a large logo, but it is necessary to have your own signature mark. Every great artists does!


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