LOVE IT: Wordplay

posted on: July 12, 2006

I wanted to make sure I mention an awesome movie that will probably go unnoticed by most moviegoers. In fact, it's incredibly difficult to even FIND a theatre playing this movie!! The only one we could find locally was the Landmark Maple Art Cinema III in Bloomfield Hills (which I didn't even know about until I wanted to find this movie!) The movie is titled Wordplay, and is a documentary about NY Times Crossword Puzzle addicts. If Akeelah and the Bee made you want to expand your vocabulary, than Wordplay will make you want to start doing crossword puzzles. Even I, who gets incredibly frustrated by crossword puzzles, identified with the themes and found myself chuckling through most of the movie. If you are someone who has any kind of geeky hobby, or facination with words, you will absolutely love this movie. Will Shortz has made an impressive, heart warming, gut wrenching tale, about the people who find theirselves obsessed with the crossword puzzle. ;-)

The easiest way to look up showtimes is to use Google, and type in "movies: City, ST" (replacing City, ST with your City and State) and usually the first link is Google's Showtime Listings. ;-)

Actually, I was reminded about this movie because of something my husband sent me. It really is the ridiculously simple things that make me so happy. Alex just sent me this link on flickr: Isn't he the Most Awesomest Husband in the World? ;-)

He got a new camera before he left for his two week trip because he thought all of my cameras were too "bulky". He doesn't know a ton about photography, but it looks like he's getting into some advanced techniques with his new digicam! Maybe he'll leave a comment about the camera and settings he used. (hint!)

Maybe this should be my new logo...

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  1. I used a Casio Exilim S600 set to the "candlelight" Best Shot mode, which put the camera into ISO 1600 with about a 6 second exposure. With the lights off in my room, I focused the camera on the blue LED from my laptop power brick and traced the letters A-N-N-E by moving the camera with the shutter open.

    There you go!! :)

  2. I thought it was cool that he moved the camera to make the image. ;-) Typically, photographers will set the camera on a tripod with long exposure and move the source of light to "paint" the image in the frame... but his way is definitely easier when you have an LCD to watch what you're doing. Thanks for sharing your photo skillz, honey! ;-)

  3. It's playing RIGHT NOW at the Michigan Theatre in Ann Arbor! I can't wait to see it!!

  4. Second best husband in the world.... next to mine of course.



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