Megan & Eric Engagement

posted on: July 31, 2006

When Megan emailed me and told me about how she & Eric were childhood friends who grew apart, met other people, and then found their way back to each other via an Indie-rock radio station (, I just knew they were going to be stinkin' cool people. Their story is amazing... full of coincidence, happenstance, and incredible fate. I get chills every time I think about how the world has insisted that these two reunite their lives. If you're a sucker for love stories, you have to read their story as posted on their wedding website. (Thanks for sharing Meg!) How many other couples have pictures of themselves together as children??

Megan is a fabulous illustrator, so I knew she really valued art for art's sake and what it takes to be a working artist. Eric will hesitantly admit that he's a writer, but will passionately devour a piece of great pizza. They picked an awesome location for their engagement shoot, The Majestic Theatre in downtown Detroit - very fitting for their love and dedication to underground music. Most of our shooting was actually done outside around the Majestic in highly unlikely places, but there's unexpected beauty to be found everwhere.

I have to give Megan & Eric a huge thanks for enduring the Detroit steam heat that I had been wanting to capture in a picture for so long. Poor Megan was in for a burning surprise when she stepped on the sewer cover and got a shot of steam heat right up the leg of her pants! After seeing how painful it was for Megan, Eric then had to test the theory in man-fashion and proved that it was not that hot if you have thick soles on your shoes and no access to your sensitive skin. I didn't want to conduct a self-test, so I just played the part of the photographer. :o) Children, don't try this at home.

The Garden Bowl is a Detroit legend and allegedly America's oldest active bowling alley. Even though Megan & Eric's bowling scores made more impressive golf scores, I was able to capture some real moments and even some pretty good bowling!! My favorite moment however, was when the bowling alley went almost completely dark, except for the black lighting... now how awesome is this? Click any image to see more pics from their engagement session. Caution: sweetness follows. ;-)

Oh! I almost forgot to mention!! There was a recent informal contest among the photographers on The theme was color and my image above was chosen by majority vote as the best!! There were about 30 images total and I totally didn't think I was going win the vote - so it was very flattering to be chosen by my peers! I wish I could show you the site, but it's a super secret message board where only pictage photographers can share all of their juicy gossip and inside tips.

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  1. Wow! Congrats on the competition!! And, what an awesome synopsis about the day! It's really neat to read what your memories are of the day.

    We are getting SO many complements on the pictures, you have no idea! We are so fortunate to have you, Anne.

    Can't wait to see what you do in September!

  2. Awesome!! What a gorgeous couple, and inspiring photos! :)

  3. Jillian!! What are you doing up at 3 am?! Get some sleep girl! (OK, I admit I was up that late too....)


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