I'm so jealous!

posted on: July 9, 2006

Alex (my hubby) left for Conneticut today to teach a week long class titled "Podcasts, Wikis, and Blogs.. Oh My!" which will be followed by several presentations at the International Society of Music Educators conference in Kuala Lulmpur, Malaysia. I wanted to go with him so badly to Malaysia, but it came down to being here for the clients who put so much trust in me to cover their wedding day.

In the meantime, I reserve the right to be crazy jealous that he's going there without me and that he's going to take pictures which will only make me think... "Oh man.. I could have taken a better picture of that!!" or "You didn't take enough pictures!" LOL!! Of course, both statements are ample justification for us to go back together at some point to experience the city again together. The "get out of jail free card" is the chance that we'll be going to England together in the spring, and then to Italy next year. As long as we can plan our trips about a year in advance, I can make sure I don't have any future scheduling conflicts with weddings. ;-)

The last time we were in the Detroit airport together, we went through the new McNamara Terminal Tunnel which has this really awesome light and sound art installation. Because I think the installation is so neat, I asked Alex to take some video on his digicam of what it's like to go through the tunnel. He actually uploaded it to You Tube so I can broadcast it on the net! Click on the image below to check out the full trip through the tunnel.. ;-) (yes, I get excited about the little things in life!)

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