The Artwork of Franklin Jonas

posted on: August 27, 2005

I discovered Frank's work when I was working for a local historic mansion. He was thoroughly engrossed in a project of various geometric sketchings which appeared to be very M.C. Escher-like in the way they transformed and developed. That was nearly 3 years ago. Most recently I had the pleasure of photographing Frank's older works that were published in an art textbook and recently purchased by Daimler Chrysler. Photographing paintings is a logistical challenge because of color temperature, lighting, and glare. The image above was compiled from detail shots of a few of his paintings. The color on-screen pales in comparison to actually viewing these paintings in person, but gives an overall idea of the nature of this particular set of works. If you'd like to view more of Frank's paintings, visit his Flickr gallery. The project he's working on at the moment (and for the last decade) is not publicly available yet, but is very exciting! Email Frank if you're interested in his work or if you'd like to schedule a private studio visit. If you're lucky, he may even give you a glimpse of his current project.

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