Friday the 13th

posted on: May 14, 2005

I was recently contacted by a wonderful friend, Jennifer Dery to help out with a wedding in Ann Arbor. Since I was the second shooter, I just focused on creating fun and unique images and trying different special effects. Little did I know I was also in for a whirlwind of weather conditions!

When Becky & Steve decided to plan their wedding for Friday the 13th, they were proving how much they didn't believe in superstition. However, they still may not have escaped Murphy's Law. Not only did it rain, but a tornado siren went off for about 10 minutes during their ceremony! We were lucky enough after the ceremony to get a few minutes of pictures in the Law Quad but on our way back to the Union it began to hail! Talk about a couple who wouldn't let anything stop them from having a great time, they just laughed it all off and partied the night away! Congratulations to Becky & Steve- may life never get in your way of having a great time together!

(Click on the image to see more images from their wedding day)

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