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posted on: April 5, 2012

I fully admit to checking my website statistics and analytics at least once a day. I like knowing where people are coming from and where they're choosing to go once they see my work. You can imagine my surprise, when one day I start seeing my statistics literally FLOODED with Huffington Post links in to my blog. Dude, someone at the HuffPost dug my work enough to link to it?! To me, that's about as awesome as if I were sitting across the desk from Ira Glass or John Stewart for an interview. What didn't surprise me, was the post they were linking to after I noticed their feature was about Iconic and Offbeat Detroit Wedding Venues.

I didn't notice any of my actual images featured in the article- they used flickr images that allowed creative commons use and had no watermarks... which may be how I was discovered and is exactly why I always put my watermark on my online work so that people will contact me before using images of my clients. However, the fabulous writer, Kate Abbey-Lambertz did something even BETTER than using my images by linking directly to my entire blog post of Mary & Matt's Detroit Public Library Wedding. (Kate, I forgive you for misspelling my first name- and I thank you, so that the Huffington Post google rank doesn't out-power my own personal website in searches for my name!! I love your articles on Detroit!)

Mary & Matt's wedding has been one of the most popular Detroit weddings on my blog because of its unique location and probably because I'm one of the only photographers who has been able to photograph a wedding there! I got lucky because Mary's parents pulled a LOT of strings to make that wedding happen AT the library. It's such a beautiful venue that I hope they make it more accessible for weddings to support its ongoing preservation and restoration. It's a gem in Detroit's history and architecture, so I'm happy that at least I can share a little of its beauty within the context of a beautiful wedding day. Mary is a Wedding Photographer in Western New York who takes beautiful & fun images as well- so I'm very honored that she chose me for her wedding day. ;-)

If you live in the Detroit area and are up for a Mission Impossible adventure... you might be able to sneak out of the window on the second floor like I did for this image (at your own risk of course), to see some GORGEOUS hidden tile work on the inside of the small archway above the windows. It just amazes me that they put that much thought and detail into something only window washers may ever see.

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  1. That's awesome Anne!! I love this wedding too!! Lol I'm a compulsive stats checker too!!

  2. Anonymous2:17 PM

    I love this post! Your photos are absolutely divine. My favorite photo from Mary & Matt's wedding is the one of Mary and the butterfly mosaic. I have it enlarged and sitting on my table in my livingroom. I show it to everyone. You are a gifted photographer.
    (Mary's aunt)

  3. I remember doing that wedding with you!! You're so awesome.


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