Boston Musician Headshot & Album Cover - Kat Goldman

posted on: April 3, 2012

When Kat contacted me about creating images for a new album and website, I fell in love with her gypsy vibe and soul searching honesty. When I asked what location would express her new album best, I was totally surprised when she said Harvard Square in Cambridge. Really?! I always kind of imagined a gypsy traveling along in the wilderness somewhere near a dusty road, but I was up for the challenge and was curious to see what we'd be able to create in this all too familiar place for so many city dwellers. With the help of some toussled hair styling from Pyara Aveda Salon, a little lace and fringe, and some beautiful golden sunlight, I think we achieved that road-well-traveled gypsy vibe, with just a dash of hopeful whimsy that comes out in her music...

These images were also quite a big departure from my normal happy headshot work- and I had to stop myself from trying to draw out more smiles than Kat wanted to convey. Thankfully, a quick share from the back of the camera confirmed I was capturing the look she wanted so that I could just run with it and let the lyrics from her soul play out on her face. I can't express how much I love working with other artists and being a part of their creations.

Her new website and album are officially available- so definitely check out her music and help support a local independent artist:

Kat - thank you so much for introducing me to your story and your music. You make the world a better place by being honest about yourself and sharing it with others. ;-)

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