Union Studio Yoga Photography | Andover, MA

posted on: April 17, 2011

Union Studio Yoga, Andover, MA

Take a deep breath...

Union Studio Yoga, Andover, MA

I'm always amazed when serendipity becomes connection. Recently, a local yoga instructor, Jen, found a blog post I'd written about her from a year ago when I didn't know her name. That blog post led to us reconnecting, getting to know each other, and working together on this project for Union Studio Yoga.

The owner of the studio was looking for something that would feel dramatic, deep, and personal. Keeping with the flow of their current website, we went with black & white processing, but to give it the dramatic feeling, I made sure to include a lot of shadows by using only one light at a time. To make it feel more intimate, I kept the light close and focused for the posed images to create the heavy vignette, which forms the sense of an individual bubble around each pose and eliminates the sense of space in the room. To help it feel more personal, I turned each teacher's attention away from the camera so that the viewer could observe each teacher enjoying their own personal moment instead of engaging head on or directly with each teacher.

Union Studio Yoga, Andover, MA

Here's Jen- who just exudes light everywhere she goes. My life has already been enriched just by knowing her. She makes things which are incredibly difficult look effortless and graceful, and that's what makes her amazing...

Union Studio Yoga, Andover, MA

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